Observer from South Ossetia claims no violations

12/12/21 16:34

Observer from South Ossetia claims no violations

Vitaly Yankovsky was at the polling station opening in Parkany, and also monitored the voting process in Tiraspol and Bendery

Tiraspol, December 12. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. International observers assess how the voting process is organized. Thus, the official election observer from South Ossetia, Vitaly Yankovsky, visited 5 polling stations in several settlements of the republic. He noted high voter turnout from what he saw there.

“I was present as an international observer at the polling station No. 153 opening in the Parkany village. Also, together with my colleague from Abkhazia, we made the rounds of several sites in Bendery and Tiraspol. Good, correct work is underway everywhere, there is the concern of all members of precinct election commissions for correctly organizing the voting process. There were also influxes: people even stood outside in the street near the station on Gvardeyskaya Street, since not all could fit inside. All conditions have been created so that people can exert their constitutional right,” he commented to journalists in the CEC information center.

Speaking about whether there were any violations, Vitaly Yankovsky noted that according to the monitoring results, no such violations have been found at those stations.

“There were no complaints, we asked about the situation, we were told that some people came and just communicated emotionally, including about the interference: that observers from Russia were not allowed to come, that Moldova interferes in the internal affairs of Pridnestrovie. Other than that, any incidents were avoided,” he said.

Also, an observer from South Ossetia commented on the situation with Russian observers, whom Moldova did not allow to work in the presidential elections in Pridnestrovie. He described the actions of the official Chisinau as a demarche.

“This is not the first time, unfortunately, it has become a bad tradition. As for South Ossetia, this also happened more than once: guests flew to various events and also could not get here. The Moldovan authorities returned them under a false pretext, so I am sure that this approach is not correlated with the declarations that a democratic state is being built in Moldova. This is a clear violation of all the norms of democracy, and, in my opinion, this is, actually, another very bad precedent. I think that this may complicate relations between Moldova and Russia,” the expert is sure.

Pridnestrovians' response to such actions may be high activity in the elections. According to an international observer, it can prove that "people have the right to express their opinion."


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