05/17/24 19:15
Tiraspol proposed signing a declaration of commitment to peaceful methods of conflict resolution
02/21/24 17:29
The head of the PMR Foreign Ministry called the actions of the Moldovan authorities an economic war against Pridnestrovie
08/04/23 14:54
The dialogue is in a critical situation and the consequences can be very serious, the PMR MFA warns
06/26/23 14:00
The tasks are simple - unblocking the import of medical equipment and resuming the full-fledged work of points for issuing neutral license plates
01/12/22 15:52
The PMR Foreign Ministry reported that the Moldovan side was ready to return the license plates at the level of functionaries, but was waiting for a political decision from on high
12/28/21 12:24
A shipment of neutral and Pridnestrovian license plates was unjustifiably detained at the Moldovan customs
06/11/21 18:08
The Pridnestrovian side intends to resolve the situation as well as made specific proposals
06/04/21 19:10
Such actions only complicate the situation against the background of accumulated problems in the vehicle registration mechanism
03/26/21 19:26
Representatives of the working groups discussed the difficulties encountered during re-registration of vehicles in the vehicle registration points