01/13/22 19:28
Chisinau escalated the situation with the VRP blocking
12/02/21 16:33
Vitaly Ignatiev descibed the current situation in relations between Pridnestrovie and Moldova as anxious and dangerous
09/15/21 19:12
Stations are proposed to be equipped in the Bendery, Slobodzeya, Dubossary and Rybnitsa districts
06/11/21 18:08
The Pridnestrovian side intends to resolve the situation as well as made specific proposals
04/19/21 17:10
At the online meeting, a special attention was paid to issues related to neutral license plates
03/26/21 19:26
Representatives of the working groups discussed the difficulties encountered during re-registration of vehicles in the vehicle registration points
02/17/21 19:37
This measure is aimed at supporting transport organizations that suffered serious losses during the period of emergency and quarantine
03/13/20 16:17
Wet cleaning with disinfectants will be carried out three times a day
12/30/19 12:10
The additional protocol was signed by President of the PMR and Prime Minister of Moldova
03/13/18 20:48
Pridnestrovian and Moldovan political representatives also took part in the meeting between the expert (working) groups.
11/28/17 20:05
According to the Pridnestrovian foreign minister, the mechanism in question should apply to all Pridnestrovian residents, and registration procedures should take place at the place of residence