02/02/23 18:35
The PMR MFA is waiting for the international mediators` reaction to the Moldovan "law on separatism"
07/04/22 14:26
The PMR Foreign Minister commented on the Supreme Council statement on the escalating situation around Pridnestrovie
09/29/17 14:38
They highly assessed the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership between the countries and expressed the hope that the document would give new impetus to the two-state relationship
07/21/17 19:45
This reflects Kishinev's strategy to fuel the conflict and bring it into a "hot phase", as well as Moldova's inability to make positive decisions on economic and humanitarian issues, says MPs' statement
07/04/17 11:48
The document is urging the authorities of Moldova and Ukraine to reject all forms of pressure on Pridnestrovie and insisting on the speedy holding of the next round of negotiations in the "5+2" format.