Vitaly Ignatiev: We will take measures to prevent violation of the rights of Pridnestrovians

02/02/23 18:35

Vitaly Ignatiev: We will take measures to prevent violation of the rights of Pridnestrovians

The PMR MFA is waiting for the international mediators` reaction to the Moldovan "law on separatism"

Tiraspol, February 3. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Pridnestrovie will take all necessary measures to prevent the violation of the rights and interests of the citizens of the republic after the "law on separatism" was adopted in Moldova.

Vitaly Ignatiev, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR, announced this to journalists today.

“All legal mechanisms will be used for this. Of course, we regard this as a threat to our citizens. We are not talking exclusively about some group of officials there - the articles in the law are wide and the sanctions are very tough. Anyone, everyone can get under these articles. And this is not about action, but about views, positions, and opinions. This, in my opinion, is anti-democratic, the law is repressive,” Ignatiev said.

According to him, yesterday's decision of the Moldovan Parliament "destroys the negotiating context and mechanisms of dialogue" between Tiraspol and Chisinau.

“The situation tends to degrade, while the fault for this lies entirely with the Moldovan side. The efforts of the international participants in the negotiations, including the mediators and the OSCE, are practically leveled. Therefore, now it is very important how the mediators will show themselves so that everything does not drop to a complete confrontation,” the Pridnestrovian Foreign Minister noted.

He stressed that in recent years, the Moldovan authorities "torpedo the negotiation mechanism." According to Vitaly Ignatiev, on the one hand, the obligations that the Republic of Moldova has assumed are not being fulfilled, on the other hand, repressive and sanctions-restrictive measures against Pridnestrovie are being intensified.

Recall that on February 2, the Moldovan Parliament, with 60 votes of deputies of the ruling Action and Solidarity Party (PAS), adopted the so-called law on separatism - amendments to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova. We wrote in detail about the essence of these amendments and the risks they carry here.


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