The Great Victory Symbols are banned in Moldova

04/07/22 22:04

The Great Victory Symbols are banned in Moldova

Political scientist Andrei Safonov: “After that, it’s pointless to speak about a single political space between the PMR and the Republic of Moldova”

Today, on April 7, an extraordinary and significant event took place in Moldova. The RM Parliament forbade the Ribbon of Saint George
 as a symbol of the Great Victory over fascism. Those who nevertheless attach to clothing this indication of our common military glory, which colors find its foundation from the warriors Suvorov, Kutuzov, Skobelev as well as Brusilov, will get administrative fines.
A more shameful decision cannot be imagined. It’s outside the pale. Almost 80 years ago, the St. George’s crosses and medals colors were resurrected in the Soviet Orders of Glory, which were proudly carried by the heroes of the Battle in Berlin. Among them were Russians, Ukrainians, Moldovans, Uzbeks, Georgians, and Tajiks. Soviet soldiers of all nationalities put an end to fascism.
Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War are also forbidden. Only features films with militaristic content produced in countries that haven’t signed the European Convention on Transfrontier Television fall under the embargo. Today, on April 7, it was confirmed by her colleague Liliana Nicolaescu-Onofrei, answering a question from one of the Moldovan deputies. “Unfortunately, yes” was her verbatim answer.
She, by the way, is the chairman of the RM Parliament commission on culture.
The embargo initiators were, of course, the representatives of the right-wing forces that are in the power in Moldova and constitute parliamentarians from the pro-presidential PAS (Action and Solidarity Party), which is the stronghold of the head of state Maia Sandu. And they voted for it.
For every Pridnestrovian, this’s an unacceptable and even blasphemous decision. Even discussing it means renouncing your ancestors who defeated fascism and destroyed such a brown plague in its lair.
That’s why, on May 9, almost every Pridnestrovian will come out to celebrate the Great Victory Day with portraits of the Immortal Regiment soldiers and with St. George ribbons on their chests. Moreover, in the PMR they’ll always enjoy both Soviet and modern films about the Soviet soldiers’ heroic deeds.
It’s also hard to say whether it’s a coincidence that the Moldova Parliament decision was adopted on April 7 on the 13th anniversary of the nationalist rebellion in Chisinau, when they destroyed the Moldovan capital center. Then the USSR and Russia’s bashers also acted as the rebellion cooperators.
It can be assumed that such a decision is also an indicator of the current Moldovan authorities’ political course. It’s viewed as a clear message to Moscow. At a time when the confrontation between Russia and the West is unfolding.
As for Pridnestrovie, after that, it’s difficult to imagine any variant for the PMR and the RM to be in a single political space. However, it’s possible that by today’s decision, the official Chisinau is specifically demonstrating to Pridnestrovie that we have different roads.


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