Nikita Pogonya is among the top three in the show jumping tournament in Russia

12/15/20 18:32

Nikita Pogonya is among the top three in the show jumping tournament in Russia

Pridnestrovian rider takes part in the MAXIMA MASTERS TEAM tournament for the second season

Tiraspol, December 15. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The second season of the multi-stage MAXIMA MASTERS TEAM tournament has started in the Moscow Region. The competition is unusual because athletes of different age groups participate in one team. Participants earn points on rating routes in the Gold, Silver, Bronze Rounds and the Round of the Future.

In each round, a team is represented by only one athlete. The team captain decides who exactly will perform in the rating route after passing two qualifying routes.

The opening of the new season was solemn. Each of the teams selected music for their exit, reflecting their mood and emotions. Nikita Pogonya's team HOLDING HORSE – IVANOVSKOE continued its own tradition and chose the rock motives of the Aria group.

Last season 13-year-old Nikita Pogonya consistently brought points to his team. Among his peers on the Round of the Future, this time Nikita Pogonya was among the top three, having covered the distance on a mare Uncia without penalty points.

At the same time, prizes were also played out in each age group within the MAXIMA TV Cup. All riders can compete here, including those who did not compete in the rating route. Nikita Pogonya took 3rd place in this cup as well.

The next stages of individual and team MAXIMA MASTERS tournaments will take place in the Moscow Region on January 29-31. There are 5 stages in each tournament. The Pridnestrovian rider is faced with the task of working on a route with a height of 120 cm obstacles until it is entirely automatic. This route is included in the program of the final stage of the MAXIMA MASTERS team tournament, as well as in the program of the European Youth Championship. Nikita Pogonya is preparing for both starts.


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