Pridnestrovie's Foreign Affairs Ministry hosted a meeting with Berlin Economics experts

05/27/15 16:09

Pridnestrovie's Foreign Affairs Ministry hosted a meeting with Berlin Economics experts

Researchers presented a report about the Pridnestrovie's economy

Today, the Pridnestrovie's Foreign Affairs Ministry hosted a meeting between the Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Vitaly Ignatyev and the expert group from the Berlin Economics. The Pridnestrovie's Economic Development Minister Alevtina Slinchenko, the representatives of the country's economic and banking sectors also participated in the meeting, the foreign policy department's press service reports.

During the meeting, the experts presented a report concerning the research of Pridnestrovie's economy, which had been carried out in April-May, 2015. It's important to remind that the research was announced during the similar meeting in the foreign policy department on April 16.

According to Vitaly Ignatyev, the Berlin Economics team carried out a serious analysis, and the Pridnestrovie's side is ready to study its results precisely. «We already have certain conclusions, the analysis of the current situation in economy, and the most important thing is that we have the offers and the concrete development strategies. We will study the research results with great pleasure and a close attention," the diplomat noted.

As the head of the Berlin Economics GmbH Ricardo Giucci noted, the research was devoted to the analysis of Pridnestrovie's foreign trade prospects. «Our recommendations advocate an idea to help Pridnestrovie's export, because it will provide new jobs and stabilize the economic situation in the republic," he emphasized.

According to Ricardo Giucci, gradual introduction of the Value Added Tax in Pridnestrovie will help to intensify export considerably, because, as expected, it will relieve exporters of the double taxation, promote the development of small and medium enterprises, and it will also harmonize the Pridnestrovies fiscal system with current global practice.

In turn, Vitaly Ignatyev noted that the research had been ordered by the German Foreign Ministry, it was pure informative and it would be considered in association with the Russian experience in fiscal system organization and also with practice of Pridnestrovie's experts.

«Anyway, it indicates that it is necessary to search some new income sources for the Pridnestrovie's budget and that it is important to work on the fiscal legislation improvement," Ignatyev summarized.



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