Ministry of Economic Development draws preliminary results of foreign economic activity for 4 months

05/07/15 15:01

Ministry of Economic Development draws preliminary results of foreign economic activity for 4 months

That was announced by Alevtina Slinchenko during an operational meeting
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The main issue of the meeting was the current results of the socio-economic development and the ministry's organizational matters.

Alevtina Slinchenko said that the volume of exports had decreased by 25% in the past four months. The main decline had affected food commodities, including vegetables, oil-bearing and grain crops, as well as textile, footwear, machine-building and electrical industries. The volume of imports had decreased by 21%. It had affected groups of food commodities, raw material for textile, iron work and machine-building industries.

The minister also noted that the «Concept for medium-term state-private partnership” had been approved at the government's meeting. As of today, the documentation necessary to launch the mechanism of the state-private partnership is being drafted in cooperation with other ministries and agencies.

Alevtina Slinchenko gave a brief account of the preparatory work for organising the population census. The instruction of census takers had already been organised, and the verification of the actual number of households with those registered was drawing to a close. At the next stage specialists would be instructed in working out organizational plans for territory division.

During the meeting the results of the implementation of the «Plan for some extra measures aimed at stabilising the socio-economic situation in Pridnestrovie” were discussed. In addition, the performance of the industrial enterprises, including those that received the governmental assistance within the framework of the agreements signed with the government, was analysed.

Special attention was given to the preparation of the concept for medium-term budget and tax policy and the forecast of the socio-economic development in 2016.

The execution of the current instructions given by the president and the government, including points of contention, was analysed and discussed at the operational meeting. The issues relating to the organisation and conduction of the festivities were touched upon as well. Following the meeting, the minister gave a number of instructions, the ministry's press service reports.


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