09/22/16 15:37
To ensure it, it is proposed to adopt a special law regulating every aspect in this sphere
06/23/16 21:23
According to the Pridnestrovian president, the currency crisis, because of which big retail chains are experiencing import difficulties, could have been overcome had timely decisions been made
06/08/16 20:39
The customs committee believes it is related primarily to a decrease in food supplies to Pridnestrovie by the country's major importer
05/30/16 14:32
Bendery' bread-baking factory does not experience difficulties so far with the supply of raw stuff
05/16/16 11:35
According to SCC information, the Sheriff company has begun to import lees food, whereas other suppliers have increased their import operations
04/15/16 11:53
Three companies were selling over-priced hen's eggs
04/12/16 18:03
The volume of food products imported by legal entities has increased by 4%. At the same time, Pridnestrovie has imported fewer milk and flour products, which, according to the SCC, testifies to the success of an import-substitution strategy