Price and Antimonopoly Committee reveals violations of essential goods sales

04/15/16 11:53

Price and Antimonopoly Committee reveals violations of essential goods sales

Three companies were selling over-priced hen's eggs

Tiraspol, 15 April. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. In the past week the Price and Antimonopoly Committee (PAC) have investigated into several cases of exceeding the maximum mark-up for essential goods. According to the acting chief of the legal and HR department of the PAC, Oleg Gornitsky, this information was based on the inspection results exposed by the Interior Ministry's economic crimes and corruption department.

«One company is medium-sized, the other two are small. Based on inspection results, law enforcers have disclosed the facts of overrating the maximum mar-up when selling hen's eggs. With the maximum limit of 16%, their mark-ups reached 33−40%," he explained.

These violations have been revealed over the past week. As was noted by the PAC, most often companies overprice milk and sour milk products, as well as hen's eggs.

«When violations are revealed, corresponding statements are drawn up and economic entities are proposed to improve the violations. In case it is not possible, the entity is brought to administrative account. If the violation is insignificant, a notice or warning is written out. Our primary target is not to bring to account, but to restore social justice. And very often our recommendations are obeyed. Seldom are they litigated," said Oleg Gorlitsky.

It is recalled that essential goods prices in Pridnestrovie have been under government control for about 10 years. According to the law «On prices (tariffs) and price formation», the list of essential goods comprises flour for baking, bread and bakery, milk and sour milk products, macaroni, cereals, butter and vegetable oil, hen's eggs and some other food products and services.

This law also establishes the maximum mark-ups for such goods, as well as the profitability ceiling for the production and sale of essential goods. And the government in person of authorised agencies constantly sees that they are not exceeded. Last year over 30 checks were performed in various spheres. This year, according to the president's decree, scheduled inspections are not conducted — only extraordinary.

«Extraordinary inspections are made upon the application of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. However, we expect signals not only from Interior Ministry officers, but also form legal and individual persons who believe their rights are violated," underscored a PAC spokesperson, noting that the committee always keeps its eye on the ball so that essential goods are affordable for citizens.


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