07/08/19 11:46
Why does Chisinau continue to take ideological pills
02/22/18 15:35
The Pridnestrovian pundit has commented on statements by Moldova's defence ministry about the re-equipment of the army
02/12/18 09:33
The head of the department of political science and public administration of SPSU explains why Russians living in Pridnestrovie need to come to polling stations on 18 March
12/18/17 13:33
Political expert Sergey Shirokov spoke about the significance of Moldo-Pridnestrovian humanitarian agreements and Kishinev's hints to block negotiations
11/28/17 15:47
Such was the assessment by Pridnestrovian historians and political scientists of the expert opinion of a group of Russian international lawyers
11/22/17 21:30
The Russian MP is convinced that the right to self-determination is natural
09/13/17 12:53
According to the expert, the UN is quite an accessible organisation for the PMR to appeal
06/19/17 14:05
The first president has paid tribute to the fallen defenders of Bendery
03/04/17 20:38
Ilya Galinsky considers that Dodon's proposal is a populist appeal, and Svetlana Osipova doesn't see any political and legal background for realization of this step
01/18/17 13:55
Russian experts on how cooperation between Vladimir Putin and Igor Dodon can affect Pridnestrovie
06/07/16 18:58
The acting foreign minister, Vitaly Ignatyev, has commented to Novosti Pridnestrovya on the work of "The permanent conference on political issues, also known as the 5+2 format, which has resumed after a long pause
04/29/16 12:31
This is what the head of the State Agency for Mass Media, Inna Deleva, said in an interview with Novosti Pridnestrovya
10/21/15 14:58
The chairman of the defence and security Federation Council committee, Viktor Ozerov, commented on Pridnestrovie's situation and the process of the Pridnestrovian settlement in an interview with a Regions.ru journalist