Ilya Galinsky: Why does a neutral state need to ‘play muscles’ and threaten its neighbour?

02/22/18 15:35

Ilya Galinsky: Why does a neutral state need to ‘play muscles’ and threaten its neighbour?

The Pridnestrovian pundit has commented on statements by Moldova's defence ministry about the re-equipment of the army

Tiraspol, February 22. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Ilya Galinsky, head of the department of political science and political administration of SPSU, commented on the recent statement by the Moldovan defence minister, Eugen Sturza, that the country's army would soon be re-equipped with modern weapons according to NATO standards.

"Why does a state with constitutionally proclaimed neutral status need to pump up the country with new kinds of weapons, 'play muscles' and actually threaten its neighbour, i.e. Pridnestrovie. And the sponsor of this rearmament is conditionally the West, and really the US?" asks the pundit.

According to Ilya Galinsky, this may indicate that the leadership of the Republic of Moldova is developing plans for the military seizure of Pridnestrovie.

"Obviously, this neutral status of Moldova is turning into a fig leaf. Moldova fully cooperates with NATO, participates in its programs, regularly conducts military exercises within its framework, including in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, near the borders of Pridnestrovie. And all this is being done, giving a clear hint at our republic," notes Galinsky.

According to his forecast, in the near future, there can be a merger between the armies of Moldova and a NATO member, Romania. Moreover, the heads of the military departments of the two countries have already announced plans for the creation of the first joint battalion.

In this regard, according to the expert, Pridnestrovie needs to closely monitor all the military preparations of Moldova, as well as strengthen interaction with Russian peacekeepers. "As they say, forewarned means protected," the expert concludes. 


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