12/17/20 12:50
Letters were sent to the Presidential Administration and the Government of the Russian Federation
02/12/20 17:37
Deputy of the PMR Supreme Council Andrey Safonov commented on the proposed changes to the Russian Citizenship Law to the REGNUM News Agency
11/12/19 13:36
According to it, citizenship of the Russian Federation should be obtained without renouncing foreign passports of other countries
09/25/19 14:14
In particular, the interlocutors discussed the initiative about the maternity capital funds direction for the affordable housing construction
09/18/19 11:13
The head of the PMR representative office in the RF discussed simplified citizenship prospects procedures with Russian experts
09/07/19 12:49
Konstantin Zatulin hopes that it will be possible to simplify a process of Russian passport issuing for pridnestrovians
10/26/17 17:54
Speaking to Russia's Public Chamber, the vice speaker of the Pridnestrovian parliament focused on the issue of young Pridnestrovians obtaining Russian citizenship and the "maternal capital" programme being applied in Pridnestrovie
07/29/17 18:00
They discussed the level of interaction between the Russian legislators and their Pridnestrovian voters
05/31/17 11:03
The new law clarifies the conceptual apparatus, systematises procedures for acquiring and terminating citizenship
12/14/16 21:07
There is a new conceptual framework and all procedures concerning acquisition of the Pridnestrovian citizenship
11/15/16 20:34
The president has made such a decision after numerous complaints voiced during his meetings with the population