05/24/22 19:44
According to Vadim Krasnoselsky, such actions are more dangerous than the failed arson of the Military Commissariat office
01/26/22 15:40
Russian political scientist commented on the Moldovan President`s scandalous statement
01/20/22 17:06
According to the political scientist Valery Ostalep, Chisinau isn’t ready to solve such an issue
02/15/21 18:40
The names of the soldiers of the 14th Guards Combined-Arms Army who fought in Afghanistan, Angola, Vietnam and other flash points are carved on the monument
02/04/21 16:18
The OGRF head Dmitry Zelenkov told the Zvezda weekly newspaper about the peacekeepers’ service in PMR
Фото: пресс-служба Президента ПМР
09/16/19 17:42
Now, a plaque at the entrance of the capital school №9 will remind us of the Russian pilot and our fellow countryman, who died in Syria a year ago
07/06/19 16:52
The Operational Group of Russian Forces (OGRF) in Pridnestrovie creation anniversary
04/15/19 11:45
Campaign record of the 59th Kramatorsk division of Guards became the priority theme of the excursion in the Museum of Military Glory in Tiraspol
02/21/19 18:42
The solemn meeting which took place in Tiraspol Officers' Club was devoted to the coming holiday
03/28/18 10:56
People are expressing condolences to the victims of the fire in Russia's Kemerovo
11/27/17 13:19
The OGRF servicemen have also finished preparing arms, military and special hardware for the winter operating mode