10/18/19 19:10
It includes 20 children who dream of performing on the professional stage, demonstrating the diversity of the Pridnestrovian culture
09/11/19 18:39
It was visited by 10 children who won in the republican competition
09/10/19 12:12
There will be competitions, concerts, master classes, exhibitions and creative workshops
07/07/19 23:10
On the eve of a family holiday, there was held Chamomile Happiness festival in the territory of the Bendery fortress
05/28/19 13:15
The story of the Godoba family, which created a world-class dance project in Slobodzeya
01/31/19 11:40
The girl got into the project's qualifying stage, and now she is being awaited in Moscow
01/18/19 13:07
This was announced by Vice Speaker Galina Antyufeeva at a meeting with Pridnestrovian participants of the Russian choir, whose concert was held in the Kremlin
01/08/19 16:16
There were 10 children born on the first day of the new year, and 7 children were born on Christmas
07/11/18 16:43
The festival will be held on Saturday, 14 July