01/25/23 16:53
The military budget of the Republic of Moldova is to grow by another 50% in 2023
12/24/22 13:07
Pumping Moldova up with Western weapons could turn into a disaster, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry
11/21/22 13:57
The Moldovan army is being completely adapted to NATO standards
02/01/22 15:02
Meanwhile, RM cannot pay for gas
01/26/22 15:40
Russian political scientist commented on the Moldovan President`s scandalous statement
12/20/21 15:19
The Wargonzo project author Semyon Pegov reported on the German Special Forces exercises and the British Special Air Service in the Security Zone
12/04/20 13:12
The Russian Foreign Ministry official representative advised Stoltenberg to pay attention to the illegal US presence in Syria
12/06/17 18:32
The sides exchanged opinions on the perspectives of the Moldo-Pridnestrovian settlement in the context of the changing international situation
08/09/17 14:19
Experts fear that the Moldovan government's policy could exacerbate the situation around Pridnestrovie
07/06/16 13:04
According to Russia's vice premier, Romania is bound by obligations as a NATO member, whereas Ukrainian radicals may try to organise provocations on the border
05/04/16 20:30
The chair of the Union of Pridnestrovie's Moldavians has commented on the current Moldo-American military drills
03/23/16 19:50
And Pridnestrovie is literally on the frontline here, the Pridnestrovie's Foreign Minister considers