Presidential Inspection for Objects of the Capital: Museum Quarter

03/05/24 14:40

Presidential Inspection for Objects of the Capital: Museum Quarter

Vadim Krasnoselsky visited the future head building of the State Museum of History and Local Lore. Construction work continues there. The project is expected to be implemented in several years. The project was developed in 2021. The stage of interior finishing is reached at the moment. The President got acquainted with a miniature of the future diorama – a model on a scale of 1:10. The author is Olga Gorbachenko-Litvin. She developed a conceptual artistic solution.

The President approved it. The work on a three-meter-high cardboard is ahead, then the idea will be embodied in cardboard (we are not talking about the type of paper – this is the name of the next stage of creating a diorama), and only after that the image will be transferred to canvas. It will take at least two years to create the diorama. The PMR President was told that all artistic and visual processes take place in constant interaction with historians. Specialists are working on sketches. Exhibits that will complement the composition are selected. Interior work in the museum premises is underway at the same time.

The upcoming reconstruction of the Tiraspol Memorial of Glory was discussed by  the offsite meeting participants. It is planned to install five stone slabs depicting scenes of military operations during the Great Patriotic War and the names of Tiraspol residents who died on the fronts of the Second World War. Their perpetuation is the main goal of the project initiated by Vadim Krasnoselsky. What exactly will be depicted in the panoramas is being discussed. 

The sketches will soon be presented to the President for approval. The area in front of the stone wall will be paved with paving slabs. Proper lighting will be provided. Work will begin this year, but after the 9th of May. The renovated memorial complex of Tiraspol will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Great Victory.


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