Chisinau wants to liquidate the Gagauz autonomy, according to Comrat

12/26/22 16:17

Chisinau wants to liquidate the Gagauz autonomy, according to Comrat

People's Assembly of Gagauzia may turn to Russia and Turkey for protection

The People's Assembly of Gagauzia condemns the current Moldovan authorities` plans to de facto liquidate the Gagauz autonomy, Sputnik-Moldova News Agency reports. At a briefing in Comrat, the deputy of the National Assembly Viktor Petrov stated that the pressure on the residents of Gagauzia from Chisinau has been intensifying lately.
The deputy drew attention to the statements of representatives of the ruling party PAS about the need to revise the law on the special legal status of the ATU Gagauz Yeri to limit the powers of Comrat. He noted that all this is happening against the background of the exclusion of the Bashkan of Gagauzia, Irina Vlakh, from the Supreme Security Council of Moldova.
According to Viktor Petrov, Chisinau today has a "single plan of action to discredit Gagauzia and its political structures." It is accompanied by "Russophobia, which is fully encouraged by the central authorities."
“We are told that the Gagauz are allegedly imposing the Russian language on the whole of Moldova, and they call our entire people radicals. As if the protection of this or that language is a manifestation of radicalism,” the deputy of the National Assembly added.
He did not rule out holding a national congress of the Gagauz people in early 2023.
The National Assembly also believes that it is necessary to turn to Russia and Turkey "with a request to support the rights of Gagauzia by all possible diplomatic methods."
The deputy of the National Assembly Grigory Dyulger, in turn, noted that today's provocative statements by Chisinau regarding autonomy are connected with the impotence of the central authorities to solve the real problems of Moldova. "They are trying to escalate the situation in the peak of the crisis, which they cannot cope with," Dyulger was quoted by Sputnik-Moldova. 
Recall that the previous day, the deputy from the Moldovan ruling party PAS Oazu Nantoi said that "the current Government [in the Republic of Moldova] has a very critical view of the status of the [Gagauz] autonomy." “Unfortunately for us, it is also fixed in the Constitution. But PAS has 63 votes. This is enough to amend the law [on the special legal status of the Gagauz Yeri ATU] dated December 23, 1994,” Nantoi noted.
The ex-Minister of Defense of the Republic of Moldova, the Romanian unionist Anatol Salaru, speaking on the same TV program as Nantoi, spoke in the spirit that “Snegur, Lucinschi and the agrarians approved the autonomy of Gagauzia and the neutrality of Moldova under pressure from Russia.”
Oazu Nantoi also believes that the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian conflict "does not need to be resolved through dialogue with Tiraspol." “Chisinau with partners [meaning the NATO countries, Romania and Ukraine] should develop an action plan and put it on the table. Whoever accepts the plan may be forgiven. The ones who don`t can only leave. We are not playing negotiations here,” the Moldovan parliamentarian from the PAS party said.


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