Maria Zakharova: Russophobic sentiments continue to be spread in Moldova

12/22/22 15:08

Maria Zakharova: Russophobic sentiments continue to be spread in Moldova

According to the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the situation with political rights is deteriorating in the Republic of Moldova

Attempts to spread Russophobic sentiments continue in Moldova. The authorities are systematically cracking down on their opponents, primarily those who, in the interests of the Moldovan people, advocate the development of constructive relations with Russia.

This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova. According to her, "in a country close to us, there is an increase in trends that worry us."

“According to the Western patterns already worked out, totalitarian control is being established over all spheres of the country's socio-political life, and the political landscape is being cleaned up through the efforts of the repressive apparatus endowed with practically unlimited powers. Opponents are automatically labeled "Kremlin agents", although they simply displease the ruling regime since they allow themselves some kind of alternative opinion," Maria Zakharova noted.

She drew attention to the Moldovan authorities` plans to adopt a law similar to the so-called “Magnitsky law”, which provided for the transfer of international sanctions into national legislation. "Independent experts agree that the Moldovan authorities thereby intend to get an additional tool in the fight against dissent," the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed.

According to her, "the line of sterilization of the local information space [in Moldova]" continues. “We have already drawn attention to the unacceptability of political censorship of the media sphere. However, the situation is only deteriorating in this area, and I can say that this will continue in the future,” Maria Zakharova believes. 

Let us recall that on December 16, the Moldovan authorities suspended the broadcasting licenses of six Russian-language TV channels of the Republic of Moldova. The Russian Foreign Ministry called it an act of political censorship, a violation of the right to freedom of access to information, and a cynical infringement of the rights of national minorities.


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