New provocation in the Security Zone

09/15/22 20:13

New provocation in the Security Zone

JCC Co-Chair from Pridnestrovie spoke about the incident near the Vadul-lui-Voda village

Bendery, September 15. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The rule, according to which photography and video filming at the Joint Peacekeeping Forces` posts is prohibited and is only allowed with the permission of the Joint Control Commission and the Joint Military Command, has been in effect almost all the time while the peacekeeping operation lasts. However, this week this ban was violated by journalists from one of the Moldovan TV channels. 

As we have already reported, on September 12, at post No. 9 near the village of Vadul-lui-Voda, a Volkswagen Transporter car was detained, the driver of which refused to obey the peacekeepers` demands to present documents and provide the car for inspection and blocked traffic on the roadway. At the same time, despite the ban, he was filming on a mobile phone.

Today, Oleg Belyakov, Co-Chair of the JCC from Pridnestrovie told media representatives that thanks to the professional actions of the peacekeepers, this incident was resolved, but a few days before the JCC meeting, it happened again. This time, TV journalists were filming at the post.

“Moldovan journalists arrived and started filming at this post, but we know very well that, following the JCC documents, all filming at the posts of the Peacekeeping Forces is prohibited,” Oleg Belyakov said. – “And can only be carried out with the Joint Military Command and the JCC`s permission. This was not done."

Oleg Belyakov noted that the peacekeepers acted competently and in full compliance with their job descriptions.

The incident will be subject to review at the next JCC meeting.


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