The PMR President held a working meeting

09/12/22 12:29

The PMR President held a working meeting

The President held a conference call with the heads of state authorities and administration. The distribution and use of funds received locally in excess of planned revenues is one of the main issues. According to the results of eight months of the current year, each city and district recorded an overfulfillment of the plan for the revenue side of local budgets. The amounts are different – from four to thirty two million rubles. The President spoke in favor of granting municipal authorities the right to dispose of these funds. It was agreed after the discussion that it would be advisable to leave 70% of the additional income received under the jurisdiction of cities (districts), and keep 30% as a reserve in case of unforeseen expenses or shortfalls in the next months of the planned amounts. They discussed in detail during the meeting the facilities for the construction, repair and equipment of which this money can be directed. Basically, it was about infrastructure locations that were deleted from the Capital Investment Fund 2022 in connection with the sequestration of the state program, as well as about institutions that require the continuation of the work begun. Many schools, kindergartens, houses of culture have been named. In addition to putting the institutions of education and culture in order in Tiraspol, they expect to immediately begin the reconstruction of the city stadium, the arboretum and two sports complexes (in the Zapadny and Kirovsky ministries), to continue the repair of the Pavel Tkachenko House of Culture in Bendery, the central library, the embankment, the Children's Palace and youth creativity in the Severny microdistrict, to update the infrastructure of the youth sports school for Olympic reserve rowing and cycling in Dubossary, to complete the open part of the Yubileiny sports complex in Rybnitsa.

Deputies in the course of the plenary session of the Supreme Council will decide on the proposed mechanism for distributing funds received locally in excess of planned revenues on Wednesday. Their distribution will take place at the level of city and district councils in case of support for the option of retaining 70% of these funds for local budgets.

Taking into consideration that cities and regions will have additional funds for infrastructure development, the burden on the Capital Investment Fund will decrease. Some objects are currently featured in different projects. The President will hold a large meeting on the formation of the Capital Investment Fund-2023 on Wednesday afternoon.

The issue of maintaining leisure and sports facilities was also discussed as part of today's conference call. For example, they offer to combine all locations of this kind into a common management with a single service center in the capital. This will allow rational use of equipment and special equipment.

The meeting participants outlined a work plan for the current week, decided on the schedule of meetings, including meetings on the ground.


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