Vitaly Ignatiev: There’s a threat for Pridnestrovie from both sides

06/07/22 15:29

Vitaly Ignatiev: There’s a threat for Pridnestrovie from both sides

According to the PMR Foreign Ministry head, Chisinau refuses to cooperate with the attempted arson of the Military Office investigation

Tiraspol, June 07/ Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The PMR Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev commented on the Russia-24 TV channel on some terrorist acts had occurred in Pridnestrovie. The minister noted that the drone that dropped grenades on the vehicle park of the Pridnestrovian peacekeeping contingent reserve unit probably flew from the Ukraine territory.

At the same time, the minister reminded that, according to the information from a detainee, who was a perpetrator of the arson attempt at the Military Commissariat in Tiraspol, such sabotage was implemented by an organized group, which was supervised and deployed by representatives of the RM special services.

The PMR Foreign Minister added that the Pridnestrovian side appealed to the Moldovan authorities with an urge to jointly establish all the case circumstances. “Perhaps Moldova’s leadership is not aware of any special services actions and individual representatives. We invited representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Moldova. They could work transparently with the case materials and help us. They have some information,” the minister described.

However, according to Vitaly Ignatiev, a positive response from the Moldovan side hasn’t yet been received. Moreover, representatives of the Republic of Moldova, on the contrary, made accusations against Pridnestrovie.

“We heard accusations from the Moldovan leadership particularly, the speaker of the Moldovan parliament that it’s the Russian special services that are doing this and the Pridnestrovians themselves. Therefore, the situation is quite tense. As we can see, there’s a certain threat for Pridnestrovie from both sides,” the PMR Foreign Ministry head stated.

We remind you that since the end of April, several terrorist acts have been committed on the Pridnestrovian territory. On the evening of April 25, unknown persons fired at the building of the State Security Ministry in Tiraspol. Then, on the April 25-26 night, following the two explosive devices detonations, which were dropped on the military unit’s air base territory in Tiraspol, the car was damaged. Early in the morning on April 26, in the Mayak village of Grigoriopol region, two antennas of the Mayak Pridnestrovian radio and television center were blown up by unknown persons. On May 5 and 6, 4 explosions occurred near the Voronkovo village of Rybnitsa district, explosive devices were dropped from a drone. Finally, early in the morning of May 13, an attempt was made in Tiraspol to set fire to the Military Commissariat. The fire was quickly extinguished, the building received minor damage, and there were no casualties. On the terrorist attacks’ facts and sabotage, criminal cases have been initiated and an investigation is underway. On suspicion of arson attempting to the Military Commissariat, an RM citizen was detained, who, according to the investigation, acted according to instructions from the Republic of Moldova special services.

On June 5, early in the morning, two explosive devices were dropped from a drone on the vehicle park territory of the Pridnestrovian peacekeeping contingent reserve unit in the Vladimirovka region. Presumably, it was RGD-5 grenades. There’re no casualties or damage. The investigation committee opened a criminal case. Some special examinations have been appointed; all the sabotage circumstances have been established.

In connection with the terrorist attacks in the republic on April 26, a critical “red” level of terrorist danger was set. Following it, checkpoints were erected at the entrances to towns of the republic, law enforcement agencies were transferred to an enhanced service. On May 25, it was lowered to a high “yellow” level.

Additionally, we should note that at the Joint Control Commission meeting, which was held on June 2 in Bendery, the co-chairman of the JCC from Pridnestrovie Oleg Belyakov proposed discussing the situation with drone flights over the Joint Peacekeeping Forces facilities. However, Moldova’s Delegation objected to the inclusion of this issue on the agenda.


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