The President held a regular meeting on adjustments to the current year budget

05/24/22 15:54

The President held a regular meeting on adjustments to the current year budget

The PMR President held a working meeting at which they discussed further adjustments to the republican budget for 2022. The Heads of the Presidential Administration, the PMR Government, the Supreme Council, relevant parliamentary committees and the Department of Construction, Architecture and Road Facilities were invited to the discussion. They talked about the changes that are being made to state development programs. Based on the emerging realities, the lists of objects and digital indicators of the Capital Investments Fund and the Road Fund are updated. Each controversial point was worked out in detail. It is noted that foreign political and economic instability requires constant monitoring of the situation, determination of budgetary opportunities and their compliance with the needs. Attention is focused on the objects on which work was started in previous periods, as well as on those that require urgent repair, reconstruction, equipment. Undisbursed balances from last year: 84 million from the Capital Investment Fund and 34 million from the Road Fund.

The work on which was financed last year among the transitional facilities (total amount of 9 million rubles), but for objective reasons not fully completed, are the capital's school Number 18, the Energetikov park in Dubossary, the Wittgenstein park in Kamenka, the administrative building of the Tax Inspectorate of the city of Bendery, Technical School in Dnestrovsk, Rowing Sports School in Rybnitsa, Houses of Culture in the villages of Podoyma and Katerynovka, a gym in the "Yubileiny" sports complex in Rybnitsa. All of them are saved in the capital investment program. The Republican Orphanage will definitely get into it. They change the roof and window units, they need an additional 1.8 million rubles to repair the heating system.

The gradual transformation of the infrastructure of Pridnestrovian State University and Republican Clinical Hospital will continue. The construction of new locations on the territory of the Republican Clinical Hospital is a matter of more than one year, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted at the meeting, but it is necessary to start today according to the President. This year, they will finance the development of projects for a new multi-storey building in the central part of the medical institution and a simulation center, on the basis of which future doctors – students of the medical faculty of the Pridnestrovian State University will work. The PMR President considers investment in the development of education and healthcare to be a strategic task of the state.


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