The address of the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky to the citizens of Pridnestrovie

04/26/22 16:13

The address of the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky to the citizens of Pridnestrovie

Dear Pridnestrovians!

Pridnestrovie became the target of terrorist attacks three decades of peaceful life after the end of the war in 1992. Yesterday and today, on April 25 and 26, our state administration facilities - the Ministry of State Security and a military unit, as well as an economic facility that belongs to the Russian Federation – the Pridnestrovian radio and television center "Mayak", were subjected to terrorist attacks.

As the first conclusions of the urgent operational and investigative measures showed, traces of these attacks lead to Ukraine. After the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, Pridnestrovie maintained neutrality and openly declared – we are not aggressors that Pridnestrovie did not plan and does not plan to attack our neighbors. We accepted refugees. Currently, about 25000 residents of Ukraine are in Pridnestrovie, where they receive proper support from the state. Everyone is well aware of this. I assume that those who organized this attack have the goal of drawing Pridnestrovie into the conflict. I can say with confidence that it will not work. Pridnestrovie will be able to defend itself. We will definitely find everyone who is an accomplice in these criminal acts. But it will not work to draw us into a conflict.

By decree of the President, an increased “red” alert of terrorist danger, a terrorist threat is introduced throughout the territory of our state. Measures will be taken to strengthen the protection of public order and public safety in pursuance of this decree. Citizens will be checked, technical vehicles will be checked.

I ask all residents of our republic to treat these measures with understanding. They are necessary. They are necessary to protect your lives and health, to protect the entire Pridnestrovie.

I want to address the leadership of Ukraine. I ask you to investigate these facts of the illegal movement of certain militant groups and the commission of terrorist acts by them here, on the territory of Pridnestrovie.

In addition, I want to address the leadership of neighboring Moldova. Do not respond to provocations, do not let Moldova be drawn into aggression against Pridnestrovie. We still need to remember about our peaceful formats: “1 + 1” and “5 + 2”, and about the work of the relevant groups in the development of the “5 + 2” format, we need to resolve issues of the life of our two states, while preventing no aggression that could become the prologue of a big war – by no means. We must agree on peace first of all and to preserve this peace.

I appeal to the citizens of Pridnestrovie. Please do not panic, do not listen to any fake news, rumors, gossip, insinuations. We will keep the peace in Pridnestrovie. We will find and punish all those responsible for these terrorist attacks.



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