Vitaly Ignatiev: We have got used to survive

02/25/22 19:09

Vitaly Ignatiev: We have got used to survive

Foreign Minister of Pridnestrovie gave an interview to the Politika Segodnya website

Tiraspol, February 25. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The situation in Pridnestrovie is stable, there are no emergency incidents on the border, there is no need to introduce a state of emergency or other special regimes at the moment, the peacekeeping contingents of Russia and Pridnestrovie are serving as usual. The Republic is ready to provide any possible assistance to foreign citizens forced to temporarily leave the territory of Ukraine. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev spoke about this in an interview with Politika Segodnya website, which was put on the PMR Foreign Ministry's official website. Here is the text of the interview in full:

— What is the PMR authorities` position regarding what is happening in Ukraine? How does Moldova behave in this respect?

—Taking into account the current events, the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic leadership is primarily focused on ensuring the security of the country's population. Before the resolution of the crisis in Ukraine, we recommended that citizens of the PMR refrain from traveling abroad. In addition, efforts are being made to address a range of issues that arise in the context of a large migration flow from Ukraine.

In Pridnestrovie itself, the situation is stable. All life-support systems function in a standard mode, the republic lives a normal daily life. Therefore, we do not yet see the need to introduce a state of emergency or any other special situation, as neighboring Moldova has already done.

— How secure are the borders of Pridnestrovie? Has the idea of ​​closing the borders been discussed?

— The situation on the borders of Pridnestrovie is calm and controlled, no extraordinary incidents have been observed. The security of the republic is fully ensured by our Armed Forces, as well as by peacekeeping contingents, consisting of both Pridnestrovian and Russian, as well as Moldovan military personnel. 

There is no talk about closing our borders yet. We believe that there are no grounds for such a step, especially when there is an urgent humanitarian aspect associated with a large flow of people wishing to cross the Pridnestrovian-Ukrainian border. At the same time, restrictions on the movement of people and goods are occasionally introduced by Ukraine, but at the moment, checkpoints on the Ukrainian side are also open.

— Are you ready to host Ukrainian refugees?

— Of course, Pridnestrovie is ready to provide them with any possible assistance. Yesterday, by the decree of the President of the PMR, an Operational Headquarters was created, which would assist foreign citizens who are forced to temporarily stay on the territory of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and create sustainable living conditions for their accommodation. 

It should be noted that over the past day, temporary accommodation has already been arranged for 136 people who were accommodated in hotels and dispensaries in Pridnestrovian cities, mainly in Tiraspol. According to our information, at least a hundred people settled in Pridnestrovian hotels privately. There is a special hotline that foreign citizens can call on all questions, including accommodation in the PMR.

— What is the fate of people living in the PMR who have Ukrainian passports? What is the mood of the Ukrainian diaspora? 


There is no reason to somehow segregate Pridnestrovians who have Ukrainian documents. First of all, these are citizens of the PMR, who, as is known, in most cases receive foreign passports for purely utilitarian purposes, primarily for traveling abroad. 

Of course, all Pridnestrovians are concerned about what is happening in the neighboring country, where many have friends, relatives, and expect that the crisis will be resolved very soon.

— Has the Russian peacekeeping contingent been put on alert? 


The Russian and Pridnestrovian peacekeeping contingents are serving in the Security Zone on a scheduled basis since a separate decision of the Joint Military Command or the Joint Control Commission is required to apply the high alert regime. No such decision was made at the JCC meeting on February 24 or was considered. Only the peacekeeping forces of Moldova are on high alert.

The delegations of Russia and Pridnestrovie asked the Moldovan side to provide clarifications on the fact of the Republic of Moldova peacekeeping units` unauthorized bringing to high alert. There were no clarifications at the meeting itself, perhaps they will be given soon. Also, at the initiative of the Pridnestrovian delegation, there was discussed the issue of strengthening peacekeeping posts.

At the same time, one should take into account the high degree of mutual understanding, coherence, and combat readiness of the peacekeeping units of Russia and Pridnestrovie, achieved through systematic joint exercises using technology. These units are exceptionally capable of solving the entire spectrum of peacekeeping tasks, regardless of the level, degree, and direction of the threat to peace on the Dniester.

— Are there any fears that Pridnestrovie may be in a blockade? Is a new round of aggravation of relations with Western countries possible?

 In fact, Pridnestrovie has been under blockade in a whole range of areas for many years. This blockade has intensified in recent months and is directly related to the aggressive, inadequate policy of the current Moldovan Government, which ignores negotiating tools and is directly controlled by the West. The military-political development of Moldova by Romania, the United States, and NATO provokes a constant strengthening of restrictions on Pridnestrovie.

On September 1, 2021, Moldova organized and, with the help of Ukraine, implemented a transport blockade of Pridnestrovie. Chisinau prevents the import of various imported goods into the PMR, such as medicines, foodstuffs, fuel, equipment, raw materials for enterprises.

Today, Moldova seeks to block the work of a key Pridnestrovian enterprise - a metallurgical plant in Rybnitsa, which provided 45% of exports from the PMR last year.

Moldova organized a political, diplomatic, and informational blockade of Pridnestrovie. The free movement of Pridnestrovian officials is also restricted due to politically motivated criminal cases. The egregious case of the former Pridnestrovian policeman Alexander Samoniy, who was illegally detained in the Republic of Moldova and sentenced to 15 years in prison on a fabricated case, becomes a shining example.

In this regard, Pridnestrovie has got used to surviving under the conditions of using hybrid forms of pressure. We hope that the Moldovan authorities will come to their senses and take the path of an adequate dialogue with Pridnestrovie in the process of settlement.


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