Vadim Krasnoselsky about the activities of the Ministry of Economic Development, "Every Pridnestrovian feels the result of your work, whatever the result may be"

03/26/21 15:21

Vadim Krasnoselsky about the activities of the Ministry of Economic Development, "Every Pridnestrovian feels the result of your work, whatever the result may be"

The President took part in the reporting meeting of the PMR Ministry of Economic Development. The results of the department's activities in 2020 were reported by its head Sergei Obolonik. He recalled that the functional of the Ministry of Economic Development is associated with numerous spheres of the country's life (there are about three dozen of them). He noted that 32 enterprises and four state institutions are subordinate to the ministry. The Public Council was created under it. The speaker emphasized the active interaction with other ministries, departments, structures, organizations, among which the important role is assigned to associations of entrepreneurs – the Union of Industrialists, Agrarians and Entrepreneurs of Pridnestrovie and Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Sergei Obolonik outlined the conditions in which the ministry carried out the tasks assigned to it. Restrictive measures both within the republic and along its perimeter disrupted production chains, consumer activity was disrupted, unforeseen expenses increased, and abnormal weather conditions negatively affected the state of affairs. The speaker focused on macroeconomic indicators in detail, noting their widespread decline. He also spoke about the existing state programs. He paid special attention to the activation of investment policy and the results achieved in this sphere. He also spoke about the tariff policy that despite the difficulties remains socially oriented. The topic of the country's infrastructural renewal was not ignored. The Minister spoke about the results of the implementation of the capital investment fund program and other infrastructure-oriented projects.

The Chairman of the PMR Government, noting the most important aspects of the activity of the Ministry of Economic Development, the most difficult spheres, the achievements of the past year and some problem areas, as a result emphasized that the Ministry of Economic Development fully corresponds to its name. Moreover, according to Alexander Martynov, this department, in essence and in the content of the performed functionality, is also the ministry of regional development.

The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky spoke in his final speech about the multifunctionality and efficiency of the work of the Ministry of Economic Development. He emphasized that every Pridnestrovian feels its results. The President spoke about the leading role of the department in organizing the production and delivery of personal protective equipment, medicines to the republic during the crisis moment of the pandemic. He also focused on the problems that the country faced in 2020 due to the drought.

Speaking about the investment policy, the President emphasized that the importance of internal investors should not be underestimated for all the value of external injections into the economy of the state. Vadim Krasnoselsky considers that they need to be supported, contributing to development, to the same extent as external ones. The President paid special attention to the topic of ensuring the country's food security. He focused on pricing, stressing that it is under special control, especially in areas such as utilities, housing and communal services, food, medicines, and lubricants. Up-to-date information will be sent to the presidential executive office on behalf of Vadim Krasnoselsky a summary table of prices in these spheres, indicating the percentage of growth or reduction (if any) and the reasons for the change in indicators on weekly basis.

There was the need to use locally produced materials in the implementation of road works, development of land cadastre and improvement of the work of land management services in towns and districts of the republic, the organization of public procurement, the timeliness and transparency of tenders among the topics that the President paid attention to. Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about the stage of the tender procedures within the capital investment program. According to Sergei Obolonik, 70% have been completed, the rest are in the process, but everything has been agreed.

The President did not ignore the issue of interaction between the state and business, recalling the partnership nature of their relationship and emphasizing the importance of the participation of the Ministry of Economic Development in ensuring mutually beneficial business contacts between the parties.

The President considers in general that the Ministry of Economic Development of the PMR demonstrates efficiency in solving the tasks it faces. The President expressed his gratitude to the team and aimed at continuing the work, further improving the existing and introducing new mechanisms that meet the requirements of the time.


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