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The candidacy of a well-known in the RSO politician is agreed by the Foreign Ministry with the President of Pridnestrovie

Tiraspol, October, 24. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The members of the Supreme Council’s international policy and relations committee unanimously voted for the candidacy of Alan Pliev to head the official representative office of the Pridnestrovie in the Republic of South Ossetia. Let`s remind, that the representative office has been functioning since 2007, and since March 2018, the position of its head has been vacant.

Alan Pliev is a well-known politician in South Ossetia, fought in a self-defense group during the Georgian-Ossetian conflict.

Later he worked in the RSO Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was the first Deputy Minister. For the last six years, he served as the Tskhinvali region head of administration.

His candidacy for the position of the Head of the Pridnestrovie official representative office in the RSO was coordinated with the President Vadim Krasnoselski by the Pridnestrovie Foreign Ministry, parliamentary press office reported.

Also at the meeting, the parliamentarians discussed a number of items of the currently developing strategy of the Pridnestrovie development for 2019-2026 concerning political system, civil society development and Pridnestrovie international positioning. The committee members also agreed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will prepare an information note on the agreements implementation, reached during the negotiations in the “5+2” format, and submit it for further discussion to the Supreme Council deputies.


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