‘The Army Against Drugs!’

07/07/18 11:26

‘The Army Against Drugs!’

A concert was held in the centre of the capital dedicated to the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
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Tiraspol, 7 July. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. It is the first time that the Ministry of Defence holds such a. It was timed to the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, which is celebrated on 26 June.

The public action started on 6 June. The ministry conducted about 20 sports, information, educational, cultural events over a month. The final point in the social project was the concert in the main square of the capital. It was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Tsurkan, Defense Minister Oleg Obruchkov, servicemen, townspeople, the government's press service reports.

Drug addiction is one of the most pressing and global problems today that knows no bounds. Young people often join this affliction for company's sake, believing that they will look more mature. But the consequences are obvious - a disease or at worst death, Oleg Obruchkov said in a welcoming speech.

"A drug addict is a person who commits a crime not only against himself but against his future offspring. A drug addict is a person who degrades morally and physically but at the same time involves other people in this vice," he added.

The minister emphasised: the fight against this disastrous phenomenon and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle is the task of the whole society: "Together we must say 'No!' to drugs."

Alexey Tsurkan, in turn, expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Defense for organizing and conducting such a large-scale social project. Addressing the audience, he drew attention to the fact that both law enforcement structures and state authorities responsible for education, culture, sport and information policy should be engaged in prevention and suppression of painful addiction.

"Drugs and drug addiction do not only destruct the man but also destruct the lives of his loved ones, family, and therefore they destruct our society," said Tsurkan.

The best way to counteract the narcotic threat is to create conditions for sports, self-development and self-realization, recreation and active lifestyles, Tsurkan believes: "This is why in 2019 we plan to repair and restore not only health and education facilities but also sports and cultural infrastructure, places for the active recreation of people."

The concert program included bright and rousing Russian and foreign hit songs performed by the soloists of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

The organizers plan to conduct the "Army Against Drugs!" action every year.


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