Russia-Pridnestrovie cooperation memorandum to give new impetus to production and exports growth

12/07/17 15:23

Russia-Pridnestrovie cooperation memorandum to give new impetus to production and exports growth

Experts have commented on the recent signing of the tripartite memorandum on mutual understanding and cooperation between Pridnestrovie's government and Chamber of Commerce and Industry and NGO Business Russia

Tiraspol, 7 December. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The industrial potential that was once formed in the PMR during the Soviet Union was mainly related to Moldavia, Ukraine and Russia. But those ties were disrupted in the 1990s. Pridnestrovie's economic entities had to seek new markets, and they were found.

"Recently, since about 2005-2006, we have had a significant change in the export structure of Pridnestrovian products. If earlier the share of Russian exports was substantial, this proportion has gradually decreased to 7%. This indicates that our economy began to move slowly towards the European Union," said the assistant professor of the department of economic theory and the world economy of PSU, Ivan Uzun.

However, according to him, the priority is to return to the Russian market. In this way, Pridnestrovie will be able to ensure its economic security.

"It will be equally bad if we completely leave the EU's market. We must work for Europe, Asia and Russia. Thus, we'll be able to minimise foreign trade risks," explained Uzun.

In the summer of 2014, the agricultural ministries of Russia and Pridnestrovie signed a cooperation memorandum. One of the areas of interaction has been the restoration of the land reclamation complex, which is expected to be fully upgraded by 2020. Large-scale works will start next year. Among the facilities that will be reconstructed are an irrigation system in Stroentsy and a floating pumping station in Vykhvatintsy.  All these measures will give impetus to the development of the agro-industrial complex and increase exports to Russia.

On Monday, during the ceremony of signing a cooperation memorandum between the country's government, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the PMR and Business Russia, the need to attract investment in the Pridnestrovian economy was stressed.

"What do we see? Opening a logistics centre in the PMR will provide an opportunity to get a second breath and develop the two traditional industries that we have. This is vegetable-growing and gardening. I think it is this work which will be carried out that will not only give impetus to their development but also increase attention to these industries," said the head of the new technology and information department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Fedot Tsybulsky.

The government is working today to develop economic relations with Russia, which will increase exports. And open markets are an incentive for production growth, experts believe.


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