Oleg Belyakov: deployment of law enforcement posts in Security Zone must be discussed at political level

04/20/17 16:06

Oleg Belyakov: deployment of law enforcement posts in Security Zone must be discussed at political level

The Pridnestrovian delegation to the JCC is warning against involving the peacekeeping operation in political processes

Bendery, 20 April. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The issue of law enforcement posts in the Security Zone became a sticking point during today's JCC meeting. The Moldovan side insists on this issue being considered, whereas Tiraspol representatives underscore it is out of the JCC's jurisdiction.

Earlier both Moldova and Pridnestrovie upgraded the infrastructure of these posts. Since then Moldovan border guards have come under the interior ministry and become known as border police. A change in shape does not mean a change in content, though.

The Moldovan and Pridnestrovian posts carry out law enforcement functions and are monitored by military observers. But for some reason only Moldovan representatives have concerns about the fact.

«Today this is a matter of concern to the Moldovan side. But we insist that the 1998 agreement on confidence-building measures should be discussed by the coordination commission at the political level. Given that this hasn't occurred, the Moldovan side is trying to drag the JCC into the settlement of this political issue," said Oleg Belyakov.

He called on Moldovan colleagues to avoid involving the peacekeeping operation into political processes and imposing the settlement of unspecific tasks on it.

The Pridnestrovian delegation has also commented Moldova's conclusions on the need for international experts to monitor the situation in the Security Zone.

«What is the need in the current situation and taking into account the control measures taken by the Joint Peacekeeping Forces and military observers to carry out any international monitoring? The very peacekeeping operation is thus put into question. This is a matter of concern to the Pridnestrovian side, and we were forced to make a statement on the issue today," said the co-chair.

The text of the statement is available here.


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