Another Pridnestrovian citizen abducted by Moldovan police

12/01/16 16:01

Another Pridnestrovian citizen abducted by Moldovan police

The Pridnestrovian delegation to the JCC has stated the inadmissibility of detentions and abductions by Moldovan law enforcers of Pridnestrovian citizens in the Security Zone

Bendery, 1 December. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. On 26 November 2016, another incident of Moldovan law enforcers abducting a Pridnestrovian citizen occurred in the Security Zone.

As specified in the official statement by the Pridnestrovian delegation to the JCC, that day at about 18:35 Moldova's joint operative investigation group (JOIG) detained by force citizen of the PMR Vladimir Parfenov in Bendery near 31 T. Kruchok St.

«The Pridnestrovian delegation to the JCC once again draws the attention of participants of the peacekeeping process that in Bendery, in a high-security area, the Moldovan police have resumed the practice of detaining and abducting the citizens of Pridnestrovie. Such activities constitute a flagrant violation of the provisions stipulated in the framework documents of the Joint Control Commission, severely undermines the confidence of Pridnestrovians in the Moldovan side, harms the peacekeeping process. And, what is the most worrying, citizens are concerned over uncontrollable actions by the Moldovan police in the second largest city of Pridnestrovie," says the document.

The Tiraspol representatives recall that any event of this kind conducted my Moldova's JOIG without approval from Pridnestrovie's JOIG is a flagrant violation of the «Interim agreement on the basic principles of law enforcement in high-security areas».

Thus, Article 3 of the Interim agreement provides that «The police and the militsiya exercise their law enforcement functions in the Security Zone on the principles of territorial jurisdiction».

«In the city of Bendery, which is outside of Moldova's legal jurisdiction and which is not subject to Moldovan legislation, as the Pridnestrovian delegation has repeatedly pointed out to the Joint Control Commission, the Moldovan police with increasing frequency and defiance impose their presence and aggressiveness on city residents," says the Pridnestrovian delegation.

According to them, the fact that the established order of interaction between law enforcement bodies of the sides is defiantly ignored by Moldovan policemen may cause an unwanted reaction of the population.

«Such actions by the Moldovan police in Bendery, a high-security area, are irresponsible — they can cause conflicts between the Moldovan police and the population and with Pridnestrovie's law enforcers, and ultimately seriously destabilise the situation. If it is not the purpose of the Moldovan side, the Pridnestrovian delegation proposes its colleagues to reconsider this negative practice and proceed to legal cooperation with the law enforcement agencies of Pridnestrovie and insists on returning the abducted citizen of Pridnestrovie, V. A. Parfenov, or passing him to the law enforcement agencies of Pridnestrovie with documents on the committed offence," says the document.

«Moreover, the Pridnestrovian delegation once again requests all JCC participants to review the desirability of the stationing and operation of the Moldovan police in Bendery," the statement concludes.


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