Vasily Vakarchuk: Resumption of full-fledged work of JCC is important for us

05/26/16 13:19

Vasily Vakarchuk: Resumption of full-fledged work of JCC is important for us

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Bendery, May 26. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. A regular meeting of the Joint Control Commission has been held in Bendery today. Discussion on inclusion of an issue concerning unauthorized flights in the Security Zone in the agenda has continued on the platform of the governing body of the peacekeeping operation. Representatives of official Tiraspol have pushed for consideration of this matter for a long time already.

As the member of Pridnestrovie's delegation in the JCC Vasily Vakarchuk notes in the interview to journalists, one more attempt to unblock the work of the body has been made today. As a result, the sides have remained solid on the issue, however there has been certain progress.

«A silver lining is that the Moldavian side has declared determination to discuss this issue, however only within an entire package of issues including the freedom of movement in the Security Zone. It seems to us that it is a working draft which, perhaps, will provide progress in the work of the JCC," Vasily Vakarchuk has told.

«Resumption of the full-fledged and effective work of the the Joint Control Commission as a governing body of all peacekeeping operation is very important for us," the representative of the Pridnestrovie's delegation has concluded.

We will remind, the Pridnestrovie's side expressed concern about numerous invasions of foreign aircrafts into the airspace of the republic. There were incidents for almost all last month. The Romanian planes conducted photoreconnaissance of the territories to create orthophotographic charts and a digital terrain model of the Security Zone of the Moldo-Pridnestrovian conflict. In this regard, the Pridnestrovie's President ordered the Minister of Defence to put on full combat alert the air defense units, and the Pridnestrovie's JCC delegation has appealed to the Russian colleagues to resume flight activity of the helicopter squadron within the existing peacekeeping operation.


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