Oleg Belyakov: increased attention focused on peacekeeping operation

03/31/16 16:10

Oleg Belyakov: increased attention focused on peacekeeping operation

A regular meeting of the Joint Control Commission was attended by Russia's MFA representatives

Bendery, 31 March. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. A regular JCC took place today. As was noted by the head of the Pridnestrovian delegation, the format of today’s meeting was not quite ordinary. Russia's MFA representatives — ambassador at large Sergey Gubarev and foreign minister's advisor Marat Kulakhmetov — participated in the meeting as guests. They were able to watch the peacekeeping process going on.

«The Pridnestrovian delegation regards this visit as exceptionally positive, as a certain sign of attention to the peacekeeping operation and a desire to promote the work of all peacekeeping mechanisms," noted Oleg Belyakov.

«The processes that are going on today within the peacekeeping operation are causing concern of every participant in this process because we can really see these aspects that restricts the activities of peacekeeping contingents in the format determined in 1992. These restrictions, imposed by Ukraine, aim to complicate the provision of the peacekeeping forces. Second, there are restrictions for the arrival of peacekeepers at Kishinev airport. These issues were the subject of consultations and debates. We hope that negative factors, which took place in the past, will be eliminated and our peacekeeping forces will jointly continue to fulfil their duties," added Belyakov.

The appointment of a new military commandant of the area with elevated security phases, the city of Bendery, and Pridnestrovie's military observer was confirmed at the meeting. Besides, the situation in the Security Zone over the past four months was assessed.

The Pridnestrovian side expressed concern about the detention of Pridnestrovian citizens by Moldovan law enforcers. At the previous meeting the PMR's delegation released a statement:

«This incident is not settled, it has come over to the stage of negotiations between Moldova and Pridnestrovie. We expect to find a common understanding as for the cooperation of law enforcement bodies in the Security Zone," concluded Oleg Belyakov.


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