Evgeny Shevchuk urged Kiev not to heat up tension around Pridnestrovie

04/06/15 09:21

Evgeny Shevchuk urged Kiev not to heat up tension around Pridnestrovie

Pridnestrovie's President noted that Ukrainian side accelerates tensions near the Pridnestrovie-Ukraine border

Pridnestrovie's President Evgeny Shevchuk urged Kiev to withdraw the armed groups from the border and in order to stop heating up the situation.

As Evgeny Shevchuk noted in his interview to the Kommersant-Vlast Magazine, Ukrainian side doesn't stop accelerating tensions near the Pridnestrovie-Ukraine border, in particular, the Ukrainian side still refuses entry for the male citizens of Russia.

«We are ready for good-neighbourship and constructive cooperation, and we hope that our partners in Ukraine, at least those ones who make decisions, understand their responsibility for this situation entirely, and we urge the Ukrainian authorities to withdraw their armed groups from the border and not to heat up the situation. In turn, Pridnestrovie doesn't concentrate any forces at the border, despite the difficult situation," Evgeny told Shevchuk during the interview to the magazine.

Besides, the Pridnestrovie's President commented on the statements concerning the «pridnestrovization» in the East of Ukraine. Such reports appeared after the conclusion of the Minsk Agreements. According to him, only those political sets promote such statements which want to force Pridnestrovie to this conflict.

Also, Evgeny Shevchuk noted that Pridnestrovie didn't have any official contacts with DNR and LNR at the moment.

At the same time, the Head of Pridnestrovie voiced his opinion that any conflicts had to be settled at the negotiating table without resorting to force.

«There should be a desire to provide these opportunities in order to discuss political problems, without resorting to the weapon," the President concluded.