The country needs 19 billion rubles to discharge all the duties

12/10/14 14:36

The country needs 19 billion rubles to discharge all the duties

Tatyana Turanskaya: Even those proposals that we have submitted fail to predict all the spending

Estimating the budget draft for 2015 and for the target period of 2016-2017 the Prime Minister noted that to satisfy all the country’s requirements Pridnestrovie needs about 19 billion rubles.

"The difference between the income and expenditure equal to about 14 billion rubles is more real and more likely to be the truth," - Tatyana Turanskaya emphasized.

According to the projected criteria of the main financial document for the next year and mid-term horizon the consolidated republic’s budget income may approach 2.5 billion rubles, and the expenditure may be about 8 billion rubles.

The fundamental difference of the draft budget for 2015 and the target period of 2016-2017 is that this time the budget includes the expenses which were not included previously, the Prime Minister remarked.

"It includes the existing utility debts, and the tariff difference," - Tatyana Turanskaya added.

At the moment one of the budgeting problems is still a significant misbalance of the income and expenditure in the republic’s regions. In a number of cities and regions the local budgets expenses exceed the income by more than 5 times. Only the two cities have surplus budgets - Dnestrovsk and Tiraspol. Besides, the capital’s budget funds subsidize the other administrative and territorial units.

"The overall support for the regions has run at 1.5 billion rubles in the first half of 2014," - the Head of the Government summed up.


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