01/13/16 18:43
Today, the President has held a meeting of the Council of State
01/13/16 14:27
The main topic of the meeting is the state of Pridnestrovie's economy
01/12/16 20:42
Its task is to propose extra steps to minimise crisis implications in the short run. Such an assignment was given by the president following a meeting of the Security Council
01/12/16 20:11
Its main topic is the country's economic security
01/11/16 18:48
The Head of state held a meeting with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice
12/24/15 13:02
At the same time Yevgeny Shevchuk noted that commercial media present information fragmentary "in the interests of certain circles"
12/24/15 12:38
President Shevchuk highlighted the necessity of maintaining a stable rate of rouble next year
12/24/15 11:57
О взаимоотношениях Приднестровья с соседними государствами Президент ПМР говорил в ходе своей пресс-конференции
12/15/15 19:35
"Though 2016 projections are not favourable, this task must be fulfilled in several stages," said the president
12/02/15 17:25
Yevgeny Shevchuk noted that "the validity of election results should be discussed within the legal framework based on the democratic principle of transparency at each stage of the election campaign in order to dispel doubts to the benefit of citizens and the country"
12/02/15 11:54
The president has signed the corresponding decree
12/01/15 14:14
This issue was discussed at a meeting, which President Shevchuk held with government members