06/06/19 13:33
Also coins from a series the «Red List of Pridnestrovie. Flora» are introduced into circulation.
05/23/19 17:18
Bank notes with Red List plants are issued by 50-thousand circulation
05/16/19 17:03
There is a stylized gilded horseshoe in the centre of the coin reverse
05/08/19 12:24
This time, Dubossary Memorial of Glory is depicted on monetary symbols
05/07/19 14:26
The coin continues the Heroes of the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War series
12/03/18 13:55
The 10 rubles commemorative coin is a part of the "Outstanding Russian Commanders and Military Leaders in the history of Pridnestrovie" series
11/27/18 17:46
There are 250 10-ruble coins in circulation
10/26/18 21:04
Pridnestrovian Republic Bank introduced a new coin of a value 1 ruble
07/05/18 14:20
The commemorative one-rouble coins are made of nickel-plated steel
02/09/18 12:28
They are made of non-precious metals worth 1 rouble
08/16/16 13:43
One of them is dedicated to the Hero of the Soviet Union Vladimir Bochkovsky, another one – to the 25 anniversary of the Pridnestrovie's Supreme Council
08/08/16 11:09
1 ruble coins of the "Memorable Dates and Events of Pridnestrovie" series are made of base metals.