06/29/17 14:24
The foreign ministers of both countries exchanged views on possible mechanisms for enhancing trade and economic cooperation
06/29/17 13:30
The invitation was delivered by Abkhazia's foreign minister Daur Kove
03/15/17 18:24
The head of the central election commission spoke about her participation as an observer in Abkhazia's parliamentary election
03/15/17 14:43
This is what head of the Pridnestrovian CEC Yelena Gorodetskaya said during a meeting with the Abkhazian president
03/13/17 12:35
The Pridnestrovian delegation has been received by Abkhazian President Raul Khadzhimba
01/25/17 12:03
The parliament has also ratified an intergovernmental agreement on visa-free regime with Abkhazia
01/23/17 13:09
The sides also plan to develop economic contacts, financial and investment ties
10/25/16 14:46
Among them is an agreement on mutual visa-free trips, as well as on mutual recognition of education certificates
10/25/16 14:40
The sides discussed topical issues of bilateral cooperation