The PMR President held a video conference

02/19/24 10:51

The PMR President held a video conference

The President held a working meeting with heads of public and administrative authorities. They discussed current issues of the republic’s life. The heads of state administrations reported on the state of affairs on the ground. The situation is normal everywhere. Social obligations are being fulfilled. Road work is underway in all towns and districts. The emphasis is on pothole repair now, the need for which increases during the off-season. For example, potholeы were “rapired” in the central part of the city and in the Oktyabrsky microdistrict in the capital. Western microdistrict is the next. Large road repair projects are being implemented. Reconstruction of the roadway along Pokrovskaya Street has begun in Tiraspol. Oleg Dovgopol said that they will work in sections. They will try to minimize traffic closures, leaving at least one driving lane accessible if possible. They are replacing the utility networks located under the old asphalt and green areas now. Oleg Dovgopol drew attention to the fact that the networks were laid in the early 70s of the last century, and in some sections in 1958. The pipes are completely worn out and require immediate replacement.

The heads of Rybnitsa and Kamenka reported that new road signs are being installed in addition to road repair work. 21 road signs were replaced or new were installed in Kamenka district. Vladimir Bychkov announced the installation of a fence near the lake in the village of Oknitsa.

Heads of state administrations informed about the implementation of development programs, in particular about progress in the implementation of the Capital Investment Fund 2024. Particular attention was paid to healthcare facilities. They reported on the work being carried out locally to form a land cadastre. They talked about landscaping. The President recommended not to delay planning, preparation and carrying out landscaping work.


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04/08/24 12:39
The heads of state administrations of towns and districts of the republic during the weekly video conference informed the President about the current state of affairs, local implementation of state and municipal programs, as well as presidential instructions.