The head of Dubossary summed up the work of the state administration in 2023

02/13/24 13:38

The head of Dubossary summed up the work of the state administration in 2023

The head of Dubossary summed up the city and district life in 2023. Ruslan Chaban provided the main results. The report was heard by the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky and other officials of the republic.

29892 residents of the district includes 22538 city residents and 7354 rural residents. 164 children were born last year, 120 couples sealed their union by marriage, and 84 divorced. There are 2779 students in schools, and 1205 students attend kindergartens. 1473 children are enrolled in additional education institutions.

Local budget revenues amounted to 108.6 million rubles. 164.5 million rubles were spent during the year. 104.6 million rubles were allocated for socially protected items.

1617 individual entrepreneurs carried out entrepreneurial activities, 585 legal entities and 133 agricultural producers were registered in 2023.

5 new sections of concrete roads with an area of 17832 square meters were built in the city and region at a cost of more than 8 million rubles over the past year. A major overhaul of the Tiraspol-Kamenka highway was carried out (3.3 million rubles). Pothole repairs of roads cost 1.1 million rubles. Sidewalks were installed in 12 city areas and in villages of the district. Attention was paid to places where social facilities and high traffic volumes are located, first of all.

The first stage of reconstruction of the Iskra cinema was completed last year. The roof of the building was replaced at a cost of 1.3 million rubles.

Major renovations were completed at Russian-Moldavian school No. 7, located in the Lunga microdistrict. The roof was replaced last year. The cost of the work was a little more than 2 million rubles. The school's windows and door blocks were replaced, and the surrounding area was landscaped previously by means of the Capital Investment Fund. The territory of the Moldovan school in the village of Tsybulevka was also put in order. Major renovations took place in the Golden Cockerel and Alyonushka kindergartens. Landscaping was carried out in the “Lastochka” and “Stelutsa” preschool institutions; a major renovation was carried out there a year earlier.

The first stage of construction of the future sports complex in the city center was completed in 2023. The foundation has already been poured and the building frame has been installed. 2.6 million rubles were allocated for these needs. The sports complex will have rooms for gymnastics, team sports and a swimming pool.

The head of the state administration of Dubossary continuing the theme of sports noted that there are three sports schools in the city, subordinate to the Department of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, where basketball, football, chess, kayaking and canoeing, boxing, freestyle and classical wrestling, artistic gymnastics, judo. 725 students study in various sections. Sportsmen took part in 115 competitions, including international ones last year. They won 300 medals. A special place in Dubossary is occupied by the Republican Sports School for Children and Youth of the Olympic Reserve of Table Tennis, where 185 students train. There are also great sporting achievements among people with disabilities. A branch of the Republican Rehabilitation Center was opened for para-athletes last year.

A number of works are being carried out to restore memorial buildings to mark the 80th anniversary of the liberation of the city and region from fascist occupation. The territory of the memorials was landscaped previously, and the reconstruction of the sculptures installed there will be completed by April 1. Memorial sites in the villages of Tsybulevka, Koikovo, Dubovo and Krasny Vinogradar will be covered.

Repairs to the memorial to the victims of fascism in Dubossary began during the reporting period. The work will take place in three stages. The old fence will be dismantled and new areas will be installed above the execution pits. Completion of work is planned for 2025.

The first stage of reconstruction of the building of a rural medical outpatient clinic has been completed in the village of Doibany-1, Dubossary district. A rural medical outpatient clinic will function there to serve village residents and a single complex for the residence of single elderly citizens after the overhaul of all premises. The building’s roof and window units were replaced at a cost of 2.5 million rubles in 2023. The city completed a major overhaul of the courtyard foreside of the clinic building during the reporting period. Similar work was carried out on the front side of the facade previously.

The state administration of Dubossary and Dubossary district provided 4 loans at 1% per annum in the amount of 400 thousand rubles in 2023. Three orphans received the keys to the apartments.

The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky gave a positive assessment of the activities of the Dubossary state administration and set tasks for its head for the current year.


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