Vital activity of Kamenka district in facts and figures: President listened to the report of the Head

02/27/23 14:00

Vital activity of Kamenka district in facts and figures: President listened to the report of the Head

The President listened to the information about the results of the activities of the state administration of Kamenka district and Kamenka. The Head of local administration Vladimir Bychkov reported. The data is presented based on the results of 2022. The discussion took place via video conference. The heads of state authorities, the chairman of the city district council and parliamentarians representing the interests of residents of Kamenka in the Supreme Council were invited to the discussion.

According to Vladimir Bychkov, the state administration received 852 written appeals from citizens, and the Head of the administration met in person with 40 people during the year. More than three dozen commissions work in various areas under the state administration. Operational headquarters were created as needed. There were headquarters in the reporting year for the prevention and prevention of the spread of coronavirus, for providing assistance to refugees, and for activities in the context of the energy crisis.

The population of Kamenka district is 18549 people, 8407 urban residents and 10142 rural residents. 111 babies were born (64 boys, 47 girls), 371 residents of the district died in 2022. There were registered 66 marriages (30 less than a year earlier) and 52 divorces.

The local treasury received 88.4 million rubles from various sources, half of the amount was their own income. We spent 80.7 million in a year. 54.8 million - expenses on socially protected items. The speaker noted that salaries, pensions, benefits were paid during the year on time and in full.

The main branch of the economy of Kamenka is agriculture. The agro-industrial complex ensured the receipt of 19.4 million rubles in the form of taxes to the regional budget. 16 legal entities, 320 peasant farms, one officially registered subsidiary farm were involved in the agricultural sector. The number of peasant farms increased by 26 units over the year. The area of arable land has increased by 650 hectares. Farmers use 29539 hectares of land totally. The overall yield in the reporting year was reduced due to adverse weather conditions, although growth was recorded in some areas (rapeseed, cherries, grapes). Farms sold 6 tons more milk than a year earlier. Dairy Plant of Tiraspol is the recipient. The amount of state subsidies to milk producers exceeded 81 thousand rubles. Peasant farms of the district received 990 thousand rubles in the form of soft loans. Agricultural enterprises spent 7.4 million rubles on the purchase of special equipment.

A problematic aspect for the residents of Kamenka is the sale of agricultural products. 46.7% of cereals, 49% of industrial crops, 59% of vegetables grown in the region were sold. These indicators are higher than in 2021, but still insufficient, said Vladimir Bychkov, talking about the measures taken to solve the problem.

The largest industrial enterprise and taxpayer of the region is the cannery. Payments in the form of taxes amounted to 6.5 million rubles. Vladimir Bychkov spoke about the new owner's investments in the modernization of production. 53.9 million rubles were invested in upgrading the equipment and infrastructure of the enterprise in 2021, and 4.9 million in 2022. The Head of the district singled out the breakdown of the factory apple orchard. The project is new for the republic – it involves the complete mechanization of gardening and harvesting. 315 hectares have already been planted, seedlings for another 300 hectares have been purchased and are being prepared for rooting. This facility creation double the area of fruit-bearing gardens in the district, the speaker noted. Vladimir Bychkov drew attention to the fact that in terms of production volumes, the plant reached the indicators that were planned to be reached by 2025.

The year was successful for the Dniester sanatorium in Kamenka. It was visited by 8053 people. Repair and improvement works were carried out. The construction of the new building is underway. The tax payments of the organization amounted to 4.4 million rubles.

The Head of the district spoke about the activities of municipal enterprises. He noticed the creation of new industries. A branch of Softshoes LLC, a major footwear manufacturer, was opened in Kamenka. A woodworking shop was launched in the forestry of Kamenka. A band sawmill, grinding and cutting machines for the production of sawn timber and consumer goods from our own raw materials installed.

Speaking about small business, Vladimir Bychkov said that 1328 individual entrepreneurs were registered in the district (67 less than in 2021). Four organizations are involved in passenger transportation along one city, ten suburban, five intercity and three international routes in the transport sector. Discounted transport runs from Kamenka to seven villages of the district twice a week – on Thursdays and Sundays.

The Head of Kamenka spoke about the implementation of development programs in the region. Nine facilities were covered with a total funding of 5.7 million rubles by means of the Capital Investment Fund 2022. In total, 55.8 million rubles were invested during the period of the state program of capital investments in the social infrastructure of Kamenka and the villages of the district. Vladimir Bychkov informed about the implementation of various municipal, investment, targeted programs, detailing the areas in which the funds were spent. Summing up this reporting block, the speaker emphasized that almost 50 million rubles were invested in the district's infrastructure from various sources in a year, and more than three hundred million in six years.

The Head of the district singled out progress in the housing sector. Two buildings of the former dormitories of the technical school are being rebuilt into apartment buildings. There is a proposal to include a third hostel in the cooperative project. Ten new residential buildings and 64 after reconstruction were put into operation in the private sector. Three orphans were allocated apartments. Three loans of 100000 rubles were issued to young people for the purchase of housing. Work is underway to put the communal networks of multi-storey buildings in order: water supply has been repaired in six houses, the sewer system has been repaired in five houses, and the heat supply network has been repaired in one house.

Vladimir Bychkov spoke about the inventory of the housing stock. 89 municipal residential premises were identified, information about which was not available in the registration and housing and communal services. Work is underway to bring the documentation in order.

The Head of the district paid attention to the development of tourism in the report. It is noted that Wittgenstein Park is an important object. More than 11 million rubles have been invested in its transformation. One and a half million - the cost of re-equipping the building of the former boarding school at school number 3 into a sports hotel, which is used to accommodate tourist groups, among other things. Works on conservation and partial restoration of the synagogue and Intercession Church of Rashkov were carried out. The grave of Shaptai was put in order at the Jewish cemetery in Rashkov, which became a place of active pilgrimage. Tourist markers are being installed.

The Head devoted a large block of the report to education, culture and sports, noting that more than half of the local budget funds are spent on education. There are 20 institutions in the education system (4 kindergartens, 15 schools and palaces of children's and youth creativity). 1657 students attended schools in 2022. The average class size is 12.2. Preschool educational institutions were attended by 623 children. Repair work was carried out in 2022 in six educational institutions under the capital investment program. The investment amount is 4.8 million rubles. 434 children attended the sports school of Kamenka in the reporting period. Pupils of the sports children's and youth school of the Olympic reserve won 240 awards in a year. 216 employees are involved in the sphere of culture. There is a great need for specialists with specialized education, Vladimir Bychkov noted. The Head of the district spoke about the numerous and varied events held in the district in the past year. He focused on improving the material and technical base of cultural institutions.

After discussing the results of activities presented by the Head of the district, the President gave an assessment of the work done. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that the Kamenka district is interesting for its history, the interweaving of different cultures, its nature and people. The President spoke about the tourism potential of the region, aiming at the further development of this direction. He singled out Wittgenstein Park as an important element of not only social, but also tourist infrastructure. He focused on entrepreneurship, noting that it is necessary to pay increased attention to municipal enterprises, as well as to support small businesses, expanding and strengthening this sector of the economy. Vadim Krasnoselsky mentioned the Kamenka technical school, emphasizing that the decision to keep it in the structure of secondary vocational education of the republic should be supported by practical actions to develop and modernize the educational institution, attract young people to it. The President spoke about the district hospital, noting that the funds allocated for its reconstruction should be effectively used, the state administration should control. The PMR President named other objects that need attention. It is planned this year to put in order the school number 3 of Kamenka, the Red October kindergarten, the school in the village of Katerynovka, the sports complex in Oknitsa and other social institutions. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that not only state, but also municipal participation in the implementation of development programs should be active. The President called on various structures responsible for the life of the region to constructive interaction aimed at solving common problems. The work of the administration of Kamenka was recognized by the PMR President as satisfactory, based on the results of 2022.


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