COVID statistics

04/04/22 10:39

COVID statistics

According to the information announced in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the President for prevention of the spread of coronavirus, 725 Pridnestrovians are carriers of COVID-19 at the moment. 238 of them are being treated in specialized hospitals. There are four coronavirus hospitals in the republic to date that can simultaneously receive 431 patients. The total workload is 55%. 174 hospital beds are occupied in the hospital of Slobodzeya, 21 in Rybnitsa, and 8 in Dubossary. 35 patients are being treated in the city hospital of Bendery, who are completing the course and will be discharged in the near future, after which the hospital will be closed. There will be 300 hospital beds available in three medical and prophylactic institutions. The next one to stop working as an infectious diseases hospital is the hospital in Dubossary. As a result, the network of coronavirus clinics will be reduced to two units – in Slobodzeya and Rybnitsa. At the same time, the President recalled that all facilities should be ready to resume work in the event of an increase in the incidence.

42 people of those who are currently carriers of COVID-19 hardly tolerate the disease, 12 are patients in intensive care units of hospitals, and one patient is connected to artificial lung ventilation device. 487 Pridnestrovians are being treated at home. 21 such patients required hospitalization from March 28 to April 3. The number of children infected with coronavirus is 17 (26 children were sick a week earlier).

3416 biomaterial samples of citizens suspected of having an infection were examined during the week (492759 for the entire time of the pandemic). The fact of the disease in the reporting period was confirmed in 534 cases. Average daily incidence is 77 (121 a week earlier). This is the eighth week in a row that this indicator has declined. 112155 cases of COVID-19 infection were recorded in Pridnestrovie during the coronavirus pandemic in total. 2176 carriers of the virus - less than 2% of cases died (fourteen deaths of the disease in a week), 109254 people or 97% of those infected coped with the disease (during the reporting week 871 recovered). 421 Pridnestrovians are in conditions of mandatory self-isolation.

146 Pridnestrovians completed a full course of vaccination during the reporting period. 143525 people in total or 30.9% of the population of the republic, were vaccinated against COVID-19 in the republic.

It was decided in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters to lift most of the quarantine restrictions. Life is gradually returning to the pre-pandemic course. The obligatory input filter - thermometry, as well as the limitation of the number of citizens who are at the same time in the room, and the thinned seating of visitors in the auditoriums are becoming a thing of the past. In public catering establishments it is again possible to gather in large companies. The ban on holding meetings, has been lifted. It is allowed to hold cultural events, including in educational institutions with the participation of parents and invited artists and animators. The requirement to wear protective masks in public places indoors and in vehicles remains at the same time. It is mandatory to carry out disinfection measures on a systematic basis. Citizens at high risk of infection and severe illness are still advised to minimize contacts, preferring self-isolation. Employers will retain the practice of organizing the work process of some employees remotely.


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