Artem Turov speaks of the PACE resolution: This organization has no authority in the Pridnestrovian settlement issue

03/16/22 18:59

Artem Turov speaks of the PACE resolution: This organization has no authority in the Pridnestrovian settlement issue

The success of the 30-year peacekeeping mission under the Russian Federation auspices was stressed by Russian parliamentarian

Tiraspol, March 16/Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The PACE decision won’t benefit the Pridnestrovian settlement. Such opinion was expressed by Artem Turov, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for the Russian Federation State Duma CIS Affairs. In an interview with the Sputnik Moldova news agency, he noted that by designating Pridnestrovie as an occupied zone, PACE conducted a political gesture that has intended to create a new point of tension on the Dniester river banks.

'PACE doesn’t have any authority in the Pridnestrovian settlement issue, which is exactly why the 5+2 international platform exists,' - Russian parliamentarian stressed.

Speaking of Russian peacekeepers (statements about the necessity for their withdrawal are regularly voiced in Chisinau), it was noted that the peacekeeping mission on the Dniester river is mixed, it involves not only Russian military personnel but also peacekeepers from Moldova and the Pridnestrovian Armed Forces, as well as observers from Ukraine.

And it was through the peacekeeping contingent that no shots have been fired on the Dniester river banks for 30 years, and our normal and peaceful life is going on. Russia, as the peacekeeping mission member, will do everything possible to prevent a new conflict inflaming in the region.

“I strongly believe that in the current situation, the Moldovan leadership and firstly the RM President Maia Sandu, will have enough wisdom and balance to pursue a policy within the framework of the current Constitution aimed at national interests realizing and not at solving foreign political and geopolitical tasks,” Artem Turov said.

It should be reminded that earlier, the PMR Foreign Ministry called the PACE resolution that Pridnestrovie is a part of the Moldovan territory occupied by Russia as disconnected from real one.


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