The President visited the Holpark enterprise

03/15/22 12:26

The President visited the Holpark enterprise

Vadim Krasnoselsky being on a working visit to the Slobodzeya district visited an agricultural enterprise located in the village of Parkany. Holpark LLC was established in 2003. It is engaged in the production and processing of agricultural products. The company is known in the republic for its vegetables that are sold all year round. Local products grown in greenhouses are of particular value to the consumer in the off-season. Holpark lands occupy 781 hectares. The production complex includes vegetable fields, a greenhouse plant, a mini-extraction plant, a cannery, a lake, and a boiler house. Such enterprises are of particular importance for ensuring the country's food security, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted in the course of conversation with farmers from Parkany.

Pridnestrovians express concerns about providing the population of the republic with vegetable oil in the context of the food boom caused by the temporary restriction of product imports. There is no reason to worry, this segment is covered by domestic production. It was occupied by Holpark at one time – it launched a plant for the production of sunflower oil in 2017. Production is ongoing. They mainly make refined deodorized sunflower oil. There is an additional press for squeezing the unrefined. An extraction line was launched in 2018. This method of oil extraction is more economical. Production is practically waste-free. The by-product (fat-free residue) is a high-protein meal used as animal feed. The production capacity of the extraction plant exceeds 8 tons of oil per day, the Head of the enterprise Nikolai Nedelkov told the President. Vadim Krasnoselsky asked if there were any plans to expand the product line. Soybean oil produced by Holpark appeared on sale. They say the consumer liked it. Other options are being explored as well. The President was interested in the reserves of raw materials. There are 300 tons of sunflower in stock now. Previously, they worked mainly on imported sunflower. Now it has become unprofitable to carry seeds from Moldova. Approaches to the organization of the production process will change in the new realities. They rely on raw material self-sufficiency. The base must be formed within the republic, the interlocutors noted. Entrepreneurs in close cooperation with the relevant department should organize the process in the future in such a way that the import and export dependence of the republic is minimized. Pridnestrovie has enough resources to grow raw materials for the processing industry and saturate the domestic market with products of its own production, while avoiding losses associated with foreign trade risks. Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Alexander Rozenberg, accompanying the PMR President, emphasized that the Government is working on the issue of purchasing and delivering raw materials for the current period, and is also preparing long-term plans with an emphasis on self-sufficiency. Many enterprises tend to work on the principle of a complete production cycle. Others are looking for partners within the republic in order to make the most efficient use of available resources. The state leads this interaction, providing agrarians with serious support.

Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about potatoes. Ukrainian imports are limited. It is difficult to predict when and to what extent deliveries will resume. This area of ​​agribusiness is not yet very developed in Pridnestrovie, although there is progress. Holpark is one of the enterprises that have taken up the cultivation of potatoes. Specialized warehouses-refrigerators for storage of tubers were built. The sorting line is in operation. An important aspect is the selection of seeds, the President was told. They talked about the importance of land reclamation: the yield on irrigated plots is much higher, the collections are more stable. A good crop for this company is considered to be 60-70 tons of potatoes. It is necessary to increase production volumes to have a guaranteed sales market. One of the instruments is the state order. Vadim Krasnoselsky considers that the practice of state order should cover all products classified in the so-called borscht set of goods.

The President was shown greenhouses where tomatoes, sweet peppers, and cucumbers are grown. They said that 400 tons of cucumbers are harvested in the winter-spring period, and 150 tons of cucumbers in the autumn-winter period. This year was not full of sunny days, but the team still expects to harvest a standard harvest. They say that the priority is the quality of products. The harvest of tomatoes and peppers of two varieties is planned to be harvested in April. The seedling and salad complex is in full operation. The cannery of "Holpark" is equipped with modern equipment. This direction began to develop in 2010. The current production capacity involves the processing of 10 tons of fruits and vegetables per day. The assortment today includes pickled cucumbers and peppers, as well as black chokeberry jam. New greenhouses were laid in Vladimirovka. Sweet peppers and grapes will be grown there.


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