Pridnestrovians won three bronze medals at first CIS countries Games

09/13/21 14:55

Pridnestrovians won three bronze medals at first CIS countries Games

More than 1,100 athletes from nine world countries arrived at competitions in Kazan

Tiraspol, September 13 /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Pridnestrovian athletes took part in the first CIS countries Games. Competitions were held in the period from 4 to 11 September in Kazan. Our athletes were honored three bronze medals. Pridnestrovian citizens performed in tennis, boxing, futsal as well as shooting from air-gun.

The pupil of the Junior Sport School of Olympic reserve Alexandra Kiryakova, playing table tennis managed to win two awards. In the team tournament, along with her, Camellia Merenko from Chisinau as well as athlete Valery Viery from Beltzy performed in the Moldovan team. In the persistent struggle athletes finished third.

In the doubles women’s tournament, Alexandra Kiryakova is the team player together with Camellia Merenko, girls were honored bronze medals. In the personal tournament, Dubossary athlete took the fifth place, staying at the short walk from the semifinals.

According to the PMR State Service for Sports website, Tiraspol citizen Irina Chubova performed in boxing competitions with the weight category up to 54 kg. She also reached the semi-final’s stage, however she didn’t manage to break into the final and eventually won a bronze medal.

Tiraspol citizen Stanislav Pastukhov performed in the boxing tournament with the weight category up to 63 kg. Unfortunately, sportsman failed a breaking into the semifinals and were honored the fifth place in the final classification.

In the Kazan international arena, athlete Denis Popov debuted. He competed in the air pistol shooting. This season, a 17-year-old sportsman showed sufficiently high results on internal competitions than and won the right to perform at the CIS games. With the result of 550 points in the AP-60 exercise, Denis took the twelfth place in his first competition of such a high level.

In the Moldovan national futsal team, two more Tiraspol citizens Maxim Pleshka together with Igor Shevchenko performed. However, the Moldovan team performed unsuccessfully and took the last sixth place in the futsal tournament.

Totally, more than about 1,100 athletes from nine world countries that were included in the organization called the Commonwealth of Independent States arrived at the first CIS countries Games. The competition program included 16 sports types, in which 181 set of medals were played, where athletes up to 23 years old took part in most competitions.


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