Oleg Belyakov: the peacekeeping operation on the Dniester is pressured deliberately

06/07/21 13:57

Oleg Belyakov: the peacekeeping operation on the Dniester is pressured deliberately

The Co-Chairman of the JCC from Pridnestrovie stressed that only the existing format of the PF under the auspices of Russia is able to maintain peace in the region

Tiraspol, June 7. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The pressure on the peacekeeping operation in Pridnestrovie is increasing, and this is being done deliberately. Oleg Belyakov, Co-Chairman of the Joint Control Commission from Pridnestrovie, announced this on the air of the state TV channel. He recalled that a number of military exercises are regularly held near the Security Zone, including with the involvement of NATO troops and armed formations of other states.

“We have repeatedly made statements within the JCC, when military equipment was passing through the Security Zone, and personnel were being transported. There are trainings and some kind of hostilities near the Security Zone,” he said.

In addition, statements are constantly being made about the withdrawal of the OGRF from the territory of Pridnestrovie. They are trying to present the Operational group of Russian Forces as a separate formation, and this is part of a general peacekeeping mission conducted in the republic under the auspices of Russia.

“They (the Moldovan side – ed. note) consider it somehow separate from the peacekeeping operation, but neither the Russian side, nor the Pridnestrovian one think so. We know that the OGRF is a real side of a peacekeeping operation. Today, this tendency allows the elements of the peacekeeping operation to be undermined, which will subsequently begin to stumble,” the Head of the Pridnestrovian delegation to the JCC believes.

In parallel, information pressure is increasing. The Moldovan media regularly report on the need to withdraw Russian troops from the territory of Pridnestrovie. And this despite the fact that the Russian peacekeeping operation is considered one of the most successful in the world: not a single representative of the conflicting parties has died here in almost 30 years.

“The goal is to sow unrest in the minds of those people who live in the Security Zone, some kind of uncertainty about the future. So let's reason: in the conditions of the unresolved conflict in 1992 (while we still remained the parties to the conflict with Moldova, this is clearly defined by the Agreement, “conflicting parties” - Moldova and Pridnestrovie - that is what it says), can we allow doubts about the implementation of functions of a peacekeeping operation taking place on the banks of the Dniester? This is unacceptable, and whoever does it does it on purpose,” Oleg Belyakov says.

At the same time, Russia remains the main guarantor of peace on the Pridnestrovian land. It is thanks to the existing format of the peacekeeping operation (with the participation of the military contingents of the Russian Federation, Moldova and Pridnestrovie, as well as with the involvement of military observers from Ukraine) that it is possible to maintain a relatively stable situation.

“There are all the resources and forces to end any confrontation and possible aggravation. This is one of the main functions of the peacekeeping operation - to facilitate the negotiation process, ... to make people come to the table,” Oleg Belyakov, Co-Chairman of the JCC from Pridnestrovie stressed.


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