PMR MFA expresses empathy to fraternal people of Artsakh

09/28/20 12:20

PMR MFA expresses empathy to fraternal people of Artsakh

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR expresses extreme concern in connection with the armed conflict escalation due to the Republic of Azerbaijan army’s attacking actions against the Republic of Artsakh; actions that have already brought to numerous casualties on both sides.

We strongly condemn the next round of military aggression, accompanied by shelling settlements and civilian infrastructure, thus, leading to innocent civilians’ death.

The Karabakh conflict history has convincingly proved the use of military methods being futile when solving this complex problem. The side demonstrates inability to conduct a civilized and effective dialogue by means of convincing political arguments when choosing the dead-end path of war; it thereby further alienated the prospects for a final and comprehensive conflict settlement, and irresponsibly passed the problem to its children and grandchildren.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR calls on the international community to take all the necessary urgent measures aimed at ending the bloodshed and returning parties to the negotiating table. We emphasize the obvious lack of alternatives to the diplomatic way of settling conflicts and disputes between Artsakh and Azerbaijan.

The Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie expresses sincere empathy and solidarity with the brotherly people of the Republic of Artsakh; together with the Armenian people it mourns for the dead ones, admires the courage and steadfastness of country's defenders, and wishes early and lasting peace.



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