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The Supreme Council has taken stock of the visit to Moscow

Tiraspol, April, 23. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Parliament Speaker Alexander Korshunov and the head of the relevant economic committee Oleg Vasilaty told at the meeting of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet about a trip to Moscow as part of the Pridnestrovian delegation.

There, they met with their Russian colleagues, representatives of the parliamentary groups United Russia, Just Russia and the Liberal Democratic Party.

“Russian parliamentarians were interested in our legislation, in particular investment legislation. They believe that it is important for us to talk about it, as well as the investment proposals of Pridnestrovie. There is a Russian business that is interested in production sites. Our republic looks attractive to them in this respect,” Oleg Vasilaty said.

The parliamentarian spoke about the meetings held in the Russkiy Mir Foundation, as well as in the Moscow Government. In the highest executive body of the state power of Russia, they are ready to assist Pridnestrovie in various areas: the development of electric transport, medicine, and the retraining of doctors and teachers.

“They are ready to discuss our specific proposals. We met with young people, natives of Pridnestrovie. They are interested in the life of the republic, watching the news. Some guys even think about coming back home. The main thing is that they want to find themselves here, to apply their knowledge gained in Russia,” the parliamentary press service quotes the deputy.

Alexander Korshunov spoke about his proposal to hold parliamentary hearings on Pridnestrovie at the State Duma site.

“Russian colleagues are working on it today. At the meetings with representatives of the Duma factions, a large block of issues related to the procedure for simplified acceptance of Russian citizenship by Pridnestrovians was also raised. This is what our voters are particularly interested in. These questions found understanding of all the deputies whom we met with,” chairman of the Supreme Soviet informed his colleagues.


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