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The President of the Italy BRICS Association Matteo Pegiio tells about the implemented projects «Houses of Friendship»

Tiraspol, April, 5. / Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Pridnestrovie becomes more and more attractive and interesting to the international community. Every year our republic is visited by hundreds of tourists, representatives of foreign media and also business delegations.

Great assistance in advance of a positive image of the PMR abroad is carried out by representations and public organizations. One of such institutions in Europe is «The House of Friendship Italy – Pridnestrovie». It was opened in Rome on December 15, 2017, with the assistance of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev and the chairman of the Bendery City Council of People's Deputies Yury Cara.

About what projects are implemented on the House of Friendship base today, the observer of our news agency was told by the President of Italy BRICS Association Matteo Pegiio.

According to him, in the Italian media space information both on Pridnestrovie, and on the Russian World, in general, is practically absent. Generally, it is superficial, help articles or excerpts, and here serious analytical materials, statistics are absent.

«Very few people know about the PMR and the life of the republic. It is difficult to trust Western media. They often distort information. We try to destroy that lie and to tell how it is actually. It is more about scientific, academic materials, with the deep analysis of a geopolitical system, the importance of Pridnestrovie. We try to form the right idea of the country as a civilized state in which it is possible to develop business, to travel, where people friendly and which has to be recognized by the international community», - the Italian expert says.

The decision to translate the «Political and legal bases of the international recognition of the independence of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic» edition into Italian became the first step. Now the publication both in printing and electronics it is possible to find in the Russian and English languages.

The translation is presented in May at the central office «By House of Friendship Italy – Pridnestrovie».

By the way, Matteo Pegiio prepares an opening speech for the Italian version of «Political and legal bases of the international recognition of the independence of PMR».

In order that Pridnestrovie became closer and more clear for residents of Italy, «The House of Friendship» holds open meetings and tells about our republic, providing reference printing materials. Some of the last such fact-finding conversations took place in Monterotondo and in the north of Italy – in Bologna.

Though «The House of Friendship» generally is responsible for the development of interstate contacts in the public and cultural sphere, but people address for information or the help with various questions.

«No address stays without an answer. We advise. Both citizens of Pridnestrovie and residents of Italy who want to visit your republic, but do not know what to begin with, become frequent guests of «The House of Friendship». Recently we consulted the couple who planned a cycle tour», - Matteo Pegiio told.

The commerce and industry sphere is one more direction in which the parties are interested to continue developing interaction. Current month in Pridnestrovie the representative business delegation from Italy is expected. Businessmen intend to visit the enterprises of the light and heavy industry.

«We are on continuous communication with the Government, the MFA of the PMR and are ready to cooperate, support some projects. We hope that this year our interaction will be productive», - the President of Italy BRICS Association Matteo Pegiio noted.


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